The Qur'an: A Biography

The Qur'an: A BiographyThe book does not serve the purpose of introducing the Quran especially to the non muslims, who have a very worng undersatnding of THE BOOK THAT CHANGED THE WORLD. This book was downright aggravating The author basically told of the origins of the Koran and all it s beginnings What was irritating was the attempt at making an idiotic religion based as much around violence as anything else seem like it was in fact a good thing He managed to strategically leave out pretty much all of the details that make Islam look bad When the author did put in any information that could cast Islam in a negative light he made his best attempt to apologetically explain it away with hypothetical and general spin to turn it around He even talked about Bin Laden and tried to explain why he was basically not following Islam at all but his own psychotic and totally made up views I find this funny since he seems to have so many followers and so few who will outright oppose him in any way This book is as ridiculous as the religion it is attempting to explain Anybody who has read the Koran and then this book and goes in with any sort of background knowledge and ability to reason will inevitably come out with the same view I did unless you are a Muslim Muhammad is nothingthan a megalomaniac created by failure in a world full of violence and anger Ridiculed by his own family, he stole most of his ideas from the Torah and the Gospel and twisted and mangled it into something that suited himself Obviously, like any other religion, it was created in a time when voices in your head could be turned into messages from God, Muhammad gained a following as a prophet simply because people didn t know enough to know better If you attempt to cast a mentally ill man and his writings based on delusions of grandeur in a positive light via writing you get this piece of garbage book If you re into religious history, especially about Islam, I do recommend this book simply for a good laugh. Few Books In History Have Been As Poorly Understood As The Qur An Sent Down In A Series Of Revelations To The Prophet Muhammad, The Qur An Is The Unmediated Word Of Allah, A Ritual, Political, And Legal Authority, An Ethical And Spiritual Guide, And A Literary Masterpiece In This Book, One Of The Launch Titles In Atlantic Monthly Press Books That Changed The World Series, The Distinguished Historian Of Religion Bruce Lawrence Shows Precisely How The Qur An Is Islam He Describes The Origins Of The Faith And Assesses Its Tremendous Influence On Today S Societies And Politics Above All, Lawrence Emphasizes That The Qur An Is A Sacred Book Of Signs That Has No Single Message It Is A Book That Demands Interpretation And One That Can Be Properly Understood Only Through Its History Bruce Lawrence S Work Is A Beautifully Written And, In These Increasingly Troubled Times, Invaluable Introduction To And Exploration Of The Core Sacred Text Of Islam A good collection of a wide range of references for interested people to investigate further Obviously the first few chapters are very familiar to most Muslims, later chapters discuss a lot of different perspectives, and views and interpretations of various scholars Not surprisingly, the name of Osama Bin Laden seemed light to some readers, but it was an example how anything can be used out of context to fool people Overall, I find this books is a good index of topics forreadings. I was looking for an exegetic historical explanation of the Qur an This is not it It addresses the current concerns about Islam as a violent religion in its preface and throughout, but it only addresses the ideal as opposed to the schools of thought Overall I learned something, even if predigested, about the family of The Prophet This is not a book for historical understanding. Yes, the Quran is a book that shook the world But THIS book by Bruce Lawrence, well, it won t move the world a whit Not even ruffle any feathers at that.Sorry Mr Lawrence, your book had no impact It didn t even live up to the title of being a biography As an introduction to the Quran, your book fails abyssmally.Frankly Mr Lawrence, I don t get it. Lawrence, the author of this Quran biography obviously knows his stuff But I can t help wondering who is this book for The history is simple enough that any Muslim would already know it, and yet for those of us not muslim I was left wanting forinformation. No heavy lifting here So far, this is the weakest I have read in Atlantic s Books That Changed the World line, however it is an adequate, light read for a holiday morning. Over the past few years, I have read about a dozen popular books on the Hebrew Bible All or almost all of the authors are Jews one is a convert to Judaism yet they are not fundamentalists In their books, they explain why scholars now think that the first five books of the Hebrew Bible were written not by a single person at once, but by different people over centuries in different dialects of Hebrew that the story of the Exodus is wildly anachronistic, and is supported by absolutely no archeological evidence that the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible comes from manuscripts written about 1000 CE, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are far older, are sometimes textually closer to the Septuagint I wanted to read a similar book about the Quran how do we know its text, how confident we are in that it was actually dictated by Muhammed, what the retellings of the Biblical stories in it show about its composition However, this is the worst book to use for this purpose The first part talks about the composition of the Quran It sticks closely to the traditional Muslim narrative, never once deviating from it, or asking whether it is accurate The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem has some inscriptions that are similar but not identical to the accepted Quranic text a reasonable interpretation of this is that they were made from a copy of the text that was similar but not identical to the canonical one yet Lawrence says that they are examples of drawing upon the text for rhetorical purposes, which amplifies the text but not challenges or changes it Later parts talk about different interpreters of the Quran a 19th century Indian Muslim scholar found verses in the Quran that he claimed supported the abolition of slavery what Lawrence doesn t mention is that this interpretation was shared by few Muslims Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman had slavery well into the 1960s. Why i read this book First, is because i have to translate this book into Indonesian Yup, i m the translator of this book in Indonesia.This book told us about how Western s scholar think about this holy book of Islam It summarize how moslem interpret they own holy book, which is so different from one moslem with another.If you want to know deeper about Islam and its Qur an, please read this book and be fun with it

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Qur'an: A Biography book, this is one of the most wanted Bruce B. Lawrence author readers around the world.

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