Mine Till Midnight

Mine Till Midnight Amelia Hathaway Is The Oldest Of Four Sisters And Has Only One Brother To Drive Her Mad They Live A Genteel But Impoverished Life Until They Come Into An Unexpected Inheritance Amelia Tries Her Best To Rein In Her Colourful And Unmanageable Siblings To Match Society S Expectations Until The Mysterious, Extremely Wealthy Half Gypsy Cam Rohan AppearsThe Irresistible Attraction Between Amelia And Cam Poses A Huge Problem For Both Of Them However, As Amelia Deals With A Multitude Of Problems, Including Trying To Save Her Alcoholic Brother Leo From Ruin, She Finds Herself Turning To Cam Rohan, Whose Friendship Turns Into A Passion That Neither Of Them Can Deny

LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award winning author of 21 novels Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 372 pages
  • Mine Till Midnight
  • Lisa Kleypas
  • English
  • 24 February 2019

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    Someone sprinkled crack onto the pages of this series I have no other explanation for what is happening to me right now I know you re probably expecting a review And I d love to write one But the next book is staring up at me, whispering things Come on, Navessa Just one hit Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

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    Can The Hathaways series compete with Lisa Kleypas s fantastic Wallflowers series Well I had my doubts, but if the first book, the wonderful Mine Till Midnight, is any indication of how this series will play out, my answer is a resounding Yes This book just flew by for me I never once wanted to put it down I loved the Hathaway family, with all their eccentricities, although other than young Beatrix with her love for critters and her sticky fingers , and of course eldest sibling Leo with his boozing and carousing and I don t give a damn attitude they seemed like a typical family to me There s the broken hearted 28 year old Leo, the early 20 ish frail young beauty Win, the 20 something young Gypsy named Merripen who has lived with the Hathaways as sort of a pseudo brother for the past 15 years, the two teenage sisters, Poppy and Beatrix, and the one holding the whole family together, the ultra responsible and protective 26 year old beautiful spinster Amelia The nearly poor Hathaways have recently lost their parents, and Amelia has sold the family home in London Leo Hathaway has just inherited the family viscountcy, complete with crumbling estate in Hampshire, and he is now Lord Ramsay But the new title doesn t bring much money the estate is small and in disrepair, there s few tenants to bring in any income, and the title is thought to be cursed But Amelia who herself is recovering from a broken heart brought on by a betraying fiancee feels that the family needs a fresh start away from the sad memories of London, so off to Hampshire they go But first Amelia and Merripen have to track down the wayward Leo, who they feel may be at the gambling house known as Jenner s And that s where Amelia meets her future in the darkly mysterious, half gypsy Cam Rohan.We first met Cam, who works at Jenner s, in I think Evie s book Devil in Winter Cam is part Irish, part Romany, but had lived the first 10 years of his life with his gypsy family But then a relative dumped him in London as a 10 year old, and eventually the late Ivo Jenner employed him at his club and treated him as a son Cam, with his keen mind, rose through the ranks at Jenner s, and now he s working as the right hand man to the club s new owner, Sebastian St Vincent Cam has a knack for making money, and has than he can ever spend And even though society looks down on him for his gypsy heritage, he s a huge financial success, has the respect of a few influential friends, and doesn t lack for the company of women But Cam is restless and is thinking about returning to his gypsy roots He s tired on living within society s restrictions, and longs for the open air and the freedom to do as he pleases But then he meets Amelia Hathaway, and she throws a curveball into all his plans, and what he thinks he wants for his future.Let me say I adored the character of Cam Rohan What a sexy, sweet man Loved his interesting, colorful back story although I m sure there s to come , loved his struggle for his feelings for the sometimes too independent, responsible Amelia, loved his acceptance that he and Amelia were fated to be together I loved how he snuck that ring on Amelia s finger after their first time I loved how he got Amelia to loosen up and think about her own happiness for a change, and how he got her to accept him as a shoulder to lean on This girl took on way too much responsibility within her own family I also loved that he wasn t deterred by what society would think of his pairing with Amelia As long as Amelia would accept him, that was all that mattered to him He didn t spend much time thinking the typical I m not good enough for her thing, which I appreciated Loved the dialogue he and Amelia had and some of the things Cam said to her, were sweetly poetic and down right erotic I want to open you like a book and read every page Footnotes included and I want you I want to lie with you beneath constellations and clouds and shade trees and I can t promise you a perfect life But I can promise that no matter what happens, I ll give you everything I have We ll be together You inside meme inside you Now who could resist that Well Amelia s resistance to Cam irritated me a time or two My God this guy was everthing she could hope for Who cares if she never wanted to get married They matched up intellectually, physically red hot sexual chemistry , the man was kind, sincere, rich, drop dead gorgeous, and responsible So what was holding her back She though that Cam, with his gypsy heritage and what he had told her of his plans this was before he realized he loved her , would not be content in a traditional marriage She feared he would get restless and eventually leave her Didn t she believe him when he said he d found his stopping place She was wary of getting her heart broken again, so she had trouble trusting Cam s words I guess that was to be expected, but boy I wanted to shake her sometimes There was a time where I thought she was just using him for sex, and I didn t like that about her I was sad for Cam and I thought he deserved better But thankfully Cam didn t give up and Amelia eventually listened to her heart, and put her fears behind her WhewThe rest of the book set up the future stories in this series quite well I m dying to know about Merripen, and his possible connection to Cam they have the same winged horse tattoo I m dying to know if Leo will get his act together before it s too late I m curious to see if Win will ever regain her health enough to see all her dreams for the future come true Poppy seems like a level headed girl so far , and I m interested to see how she fares in her first season Beatrix I had a hard time believing she was 15 her antics and the way her family treated her made it seem like she was way younger She seems like she s the strangest one in the whole Hathaway family, so I m sure her story will be unique One thing I almost forgot to mention I was thrilled to see that Lillian and Westcliff It Happened One Autumn were the Hathaway s Hampshire neighbors loved the scenes involving them and I loved when St Vincent and Evie came to visit too I love how LK incorporated her Wallflowers characters into this Hathaway series It makes the transition that much smoother.So, my expectations weren t too high for this book, but I turned out to be very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it I liked it so much, that I m going to scuttle my plans for my next read, and just move on to Win and Merripen s story Seduce Me at Sunrise next Can t wait 5 starsCam

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    There s something just so special about a historical romance done the Lisa Kleypas way Light, yet with substance So much sexual passion and yet such tender love Her books are always a delightful escape and her heroes are always so sigh worthy.This is a touching story about a tight knit, albeit quirky, family consisting of four sisters, Amelia, Win, Poppy, and Beatrix their one brother, Leo, and Merripen, who as a young boy was wounded and left for dead following a Gypsy hunt He was brought into the Hathaway family by the siblings father and although they considered him one of them, he always kept himself apart than a servant, yet not quite part of their family In Mine Till Midnight, while there are many, many things happening involving all of the siblings, the romantic focus of the story is on Amelia, the eldest of the Hathaway siblings, and Cam Rohan who we met in Devil In Winter I m not going to go into plot details, because there are several sub stories going on and it would be too complicated, so I ll just touch on the things I loved or not so much about this book.What I loved I ll start with Cam Rohan because I am, after all, a mature, red blooded woman with healthy desires who loves a hot, sexy man who wants to take charge in the bedroom and give as much pleasure as he gets I especially love it when he umm errrr that is to say forgive me, for I digress As I was about to say, I love how comfortable Cam is with who he is and who he isn t He knows what he wants and is willing to give up all his wealth to try and find it He s not a tortured soul in need of fixing, which is probably why I didn t connect with him on some deeper level, but I wanted to bring him home and love him up all the same What I loved and didn t love Amelia Dear, sweet Amelia what an interesting character she turned out to be In fact, the very thing I admired most about Amelia is that which I also disliked about her She s a take charge kind of woman, getting the job done no matter the cost to her own happiness Willing to set aside any hope for a marriage for herself, she set about trying to ensure the best possible future for her brother and sisters She was very protective of the family, which in some ways is good, but we all know that you have to let people learn lessons on their own, sometimes Amelia was so concerned about protecting them that she wasn t letting them live She was suffocating them And even when Cam came along, offering to help share her burden, she kept refusing She had some twisted sense of obligation and responsibility for the family that made me want to throttle her with my bare hands Fortunately, that didn t last too long and she eventually saw the error of her ways.Interestingly enough, the things that touched me the most about this book were not even related to Amelia and Cam, but Win and Merripen, which is who I felt the most connected to It was heart wrenchingly clear that they care for each other I d even go so far as to say that they love each other view spoiler In one heart breaking scene, Merripen has been badly burned in a house fire and infection has set in Cam knows of a poultice that he s certain will help, but would be very, very painful to apply So despite Merripen s hatred of morphine, knowing he d refuse to take it, Win devises a plot to sneak it to him in mint tea They make the tea very strong and overly sweet to try and mask the flavor of the drug, but Merripen can still taste it In his weakened, delusional state of mind, he s certain that Win is trying to give him an overdose to spare him any suffering.I sobbed Dying in her arms cradled against her as he relinquished his scarred soul to the darkness Win would be the last thing he would ever see, hear, feel Had there been any tears in him, he would have wept in gratitude.He drank slowly, forcing down every swallow He drank part of the next cup until his throat would no longer work, and he turned his face against her chest and shuddered His head was spinning and sparks were drifting all around him like falling stars.Win set the cup aside and stroked his hair, and pressed her wet cheek to his forehead.And they both waited Sing to me, Merripen whispered as the blinding darkness rolled over him Win continued to stroke his head as she crooned a lullaby His fingers touched her throat, seeking the precious vibration of her voice and the sparks faded as he lost himself in her, his fate, at last hide spoiler

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    I LOVED THIS BOOK.How in the world did it take me so long to start this one Lisa Kleypas is the real queen of historical romance Just when I thought I couldn t love her books , she proved me wrong Mine Till Midnight is exceptionally wonderful This book has everything I want in my HR read.A solid plot and interesting story.A determined and persistent alpha hero with a protective nature and possessive streak.A heroine who is strong and intelligent, but still very traditionally feminine.Perfectly smooth pacing and flow.Beautiful and touching romance.No pushing away This is very important for me A sweet happy ending.In this book we meet Amelia Hathaway and Cam Rohan.Amelia had stepped up and taken charge of her family since her older brother, Leo, lost his fianc e to scarlet fever and he had become incapable of taking care of himself At the age of twenty six, she considered herself a spinster And because of her responsibility to her family, she d never expected to marry anyone But then came Cam, an unusual man, a mysterious Rom who would change her life forever You re not like any man I ve ever known, she said You re not even someone I could have dreamed You re like someone from a fairy story written in a language I don t even know The prince, I hope No, you re the dragon, a beautiful wicked dragon Her voice turned wistful How could anyone have a normal everyday life with you Cam is every woman s dream For the fact that he s half Romany Gypsy half Irish, makes him even attractive, unpredictable, and dangerous When he realized that he wanted to spend his entire life with Amelia, he held nothing back There was no hesitation No giving up And when she had no one to turn to, he was there for her, to be a shoulder she could cry on He proved himself to be a man she could rely on Oh, I loved this man I can t promise you a perfect life But I can promise that no matter what happens, I ll give you everything I have We ll be together You inside me me inside you What I loved the most about this book was that not only the romantic part took a front seat in this story, but also the part where the Hathaway siblings helped, loved, took care, and protected each other I felt truly impressed and satisfied with it.This was such a leisurely read I enjoyed every page I turned and loved every single line I read Mine Till Midnight hands down one of my favorite HR stories of all time If I could, I would give this book than five stars.Thoroughly loved it

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    I hadn t read any Kleypas for a while when I started reading this book It reminded me of how effective and seductive Kleypas is as a writer She really does write a beautiful love story Her stories are dreamy and elegant, full of imagery that draws me into the story and out of my everyday existence She really is a wordsmith to this reader.I know a lot of fans were unhappy that Cam was not paired with Daisy, but I have no regrets Cam and Amelia were meant to be together Cam was searching for something that gave him a sense of home He found it in Amelia He found himself unsettled by living as a gadjo non Romany He was almost disgusted with his adopted materialistic lifestyle, hating the fact that he couldn t seem to stop accumulating wealth, even though he tried very hard to lose money, investing in companies sure to fail, but always recieving windfall after windfall Just when he is about to walk away from that life and return to the wandering ways of the Roma, he meets Amelia She challenges and compels him as no other woman has He wants her desperately, although she is clearly a woman who would need a settled man in her life Yet, he cannot walk away from her You realize it before Cam does that he is a goner He tells himself he will walk away from Amelia, but you know that he s not going anywhere For all his prior determination to leave Amelia alone, once he decides he wants to keep her, Cam is pretty much set on that path I liked that about this story, as I love heroes in pursuit I liked that although Cam does seduce Amelia, he has committed to her in his heart and won t go back on that commitment I really enjoyed the part when Amelia woke up with his ring on his finger, and how she couldn t get it off I thought that was a nice touch It was interesting that Amelia was the reluctant one in this story, although it totally made sense She had been let down by those who loved her Her parents died on her, leaving her with three younger sisters to care for, and a brother who was intent on losing all of their income, and destroying himself after the loss of his fiancee Not to mention the fact that her first love abandoned her for a girl whose father could help his career She is determined not to marry, and feels content with watching over her family She doesn t think she s anything special So when Cam starts to pursue her so ardently, she does resist, at least at first But Amelia is as drawn to Cam as he is to her He is beautiful and wild, and temptation in an irresistible package Knowing it s a bad idea to get involved with him, she cannot seem to avoid him or her feelings for him It was a delicious love story to read Amelia s somewhat bad tempered moments are refreshing I like sweet heroines a lot than some readers, but it s also nice to see heroines who do have bad days and temperamental moments Who do get frustrated and say things in anger Amelia has a lot of responsibility and stress, and it was realistic for her to have moments where she showed that her nerves were frayed Cam seemed to embrace her outspoken and at times somewhat abrasive behavior, enjoying that part of her equally with other aspects of her person He was considerate to her needs, understanding her fears and doubts, and did everything he could to help her family, even before he had committed to marrying her Cam truly showed that was steadfast, showing her that he could be relied upon Considering the fact that Cam is half Roma, and there was obviously a prejudice against the Roma, I enjoyed the fact that he showed the good traits that her prejudiced ex fiance Christopher lacked, although he mocked and looked down on the dirty, untrustworthy Roma Despite the fact that Cam was Roma and that there were those who did not like the Roma was touched upon, but it wasn t truly an obstacle in their relationship Cam looked at his heritage as being part of him, and knew he would not give her up, despite the prejudice they might face I liked that he embraced his heritage, good and bad As a fan of possessive heroes, I quite enjoyed him being so jealous of any man being near Amelia The part where he finds out Amelia was alone with Christopher Frost, whew Okay I know I m weird The elements of Romany heritage, culture, and language were very interesting to me I don t really know much about them, so it was a nice little lesson to this history buff I do have to say that Leo was bugging me I feel bad that he lost his true love, but he didn t seem to realize that he wasn t just hurting himself, but his sisters who depended on him I hope that we get to see him mature and get over his loss and become the person he was meant to be I m pretty sure that s what Laura his lost love would want for him I loved the paranormal twist with the ghostly haunting that the Hathaways were experiencing, which was heavily tied into Leo s emotional issues Very nicely done, adding to the delightful Victorian feel As a fan of classic ghost stories, particularly set in the late 19th early 20th century, I certainly enjoyed this twist in the story.The Hathaways are an entertaining family, each sister having a distinct personality that I hope to see of There were moments that their sisterly interactions reminded me of one of my favorite books, Little Women You can guess who Win reminded me a little of.I loved the dynamic between Win and Merripen I have a feeling their book will be wonderful, as it is very clear already how deep the love they have for each other is Also it was so cool to see St Vincent sigh and Evie, and Westcliff and Lillian I like how down to earth Lillian is, and it s clear that she s been a great influence on Westcliff, although he s still bossy as ever If I have one complaint, it s how quickly the conflict wrapped up with Amelia s ex love, Christopher That was a little too abrupt All and all, a great reintroduction to a long favorite author of mine.

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    4.5 stars Lisa Kleypas has become my go to author when I am in a book slump I always enjoy her stories Mine Till Midnight is the beginning of the Hathaways Sisters series, and while it doesn t explicitly say so, you need to read The Wallflowers series beforehand because SO MANY characters overlap and I feel you would be confused if you didn t.This book is about Amelia, the sister who is always looking out for her family as they experience one bad stroke of luck after the other While looking for her brother, Amelia meets Cam Rohan, a half Roma man who helps run a gambling house There s an instant attraction, but the two of them know their outlooks on life will keep them apart Or will it Seriously hot this book I was shocked, but I felt the chemistry was perfect and things were instense between Amelia and Cam I do wish we had gotten like a prologue, a little bit of these two at the end but I am sure I will see them in the next books in the series, and I cannot wait to start them Follow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter

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    5 stars Historical RomanceIt simply doesn t get any better than Lisa Kleypas I loved the Wallflowers series, and I ve been looking forward to Cam s story, ever since he so completely captivated me in Devil in Winter Instead of flying through this lightning fast like I did with the Wallflower books, I took my time and savored it, which was well worth it because Cam Rohan is like the finest, rarest dark chocolate..exotically decadent and sinfully delicious Mine Till Midnight is a beautiful read full of magic, mystery, lush sensuality, and enchanting romance with charming characters that you ll fall in love with, especially the dark, mysterious, devilishly sexy half Gypsy and prosperous club owner, Cam Rohan Although Cam longs to return to his tribal roots and yearns for the nomadic, unattached life of a true Roma, he s irresistibly drawn to strong willed spinster Amelia Hathaway and her quirky, luckless family Cam opens Amelia s eyes to a midnight world of magic and sensuality, and together, they experience an electric attraction, deep, intrinsic emotional connection, and volatile, lush love affair that will change them both, forever Cam s total adoration, relentless wooing, and gentle caring and cherishing of Amelia is profoundly sweet and incredibly romantic I just loooved him I think Cam Rohan might even be my favorite ever Lisa Kleypas historical romance hero, which is really saying something considering that all of her heroes are flat out the swoon worthiest, very best of the bunch Mine Till Midnight is a lovely, engaging romance, and I m looking forward to Win and Merripen s story in Seduce Me at Sunrise Big 5 stars Here are a couple of my favorite quotes Rohan s fingertips drifted with stunning delicacy over her throat, behind her ear, pushing into the satiny warmth of her hair You are an interesting woman Amelia Gooseflesh rose wherever his breath touched I can t f fathom why you would think so His playful mouth traced the wing of her brow I find you thoroughly, deeply interesting I want to open you like a book and read every page A smile curved the corners of his lips as he added huskily, Footnotes included Lord St Vincent discussing with Cam Rohan about the monotony of bedding any random, willing woman versus the challenge and benefit of taking a wife A slow smile had curved St Vincent s lips Wives are a different case altogether They require a great deal of effort but the rewards are substantial I highly recommend wives Especially one s own

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    Cam is a gypsy living in London, working at a gaming hall He also has a good luck curse See, gypsies aren t supposed to accumulate money, stuff, or homes to live in They need to be free, man But, Cam can t help accumulating wealth Every time he tries to give it away, it comes back to him It s like some ugly casserole dish that you get for a wedding present You keep making casseroles and taking it to people who you know aren t dependable But, dammit if they don t wash the stupid thing and bring it back every time Even the yard sale people won t stop their cars when they drive slowly by and see it sitting on your table Cuz, seriously, what s fun than haggling with someone like a used car salesman over an old toaster that may or may not burn one side of the bread while not heating the other side in the hot Texas sun Amelia is a girl from a family with a bad luck curse Both parents are dead, her best friend is dead, they inherited a title with a curse which means her brother is as good as dead, and their new house has a bee room Literally, there is a hive of angry bees living in this room Or, as my husband would call it The Mother in Law Guest Room Dammit, I told him to take that post down She lives in the house next to that one.The best part of this book is that we get to see Saint Vincent from the Wallflower series, and he is just as glorious as ever You have a point There s nothing so tiresome as being reasonable I myself avoid it whenever possible Still, you can t brawl when there are ladies present It will give them ideas The funniest part of the book was not even meant to be funny It is when the H and h are going to have sex for the first time They are in a bed, naked, and just about to do the deed, when he tells her to get up and get dressed He then gets his horse, they ride out to an outdoor location, he has her sit on a log while he starts a fire and makes them a bed, then they have sex I m thinking, what the hell This would never happen in the history of mankind And, seriously Giving up a comfortable bed to go out in the middle of the night to camp I already hate camping enough my family has a camping curse Long story But funny , and that s with those camp grounds with the bathrooms and electrical outlets But, if some dude wanted to do the coitus interruptus to get on a horse and camp, I would have to seriously consider that he s just not that into me ouch This book was cute and fun There were a few boring moments for me, but overall, I still liked it.

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    Buddy read with the Abtastic Ab Loving Geishas in January.I think this was your pretty standard historical romance It felt a bit formulaic to me I did like both leads, but nothing really popped out as extraordinary The heroine is Amelia Hathaway, is 26, and has decided to become a spinster She feels she is past the age to make a good match and does not want to be controlled by any man She is strong and manages her household, while her scummy older brother Leo, squanders his new title and wealth.Cam Rohan is a Romany Gypsy, wealthy, hot, a bachelor, and seeking something deeper to make his life fulfilling I think this was written about 10 years ago, so am not sure of whether there are any problematic issues with the descriptions about his ethnicity ancestry His father is an unknown Irish man and his Romany mother raised him in their wandering tribe until he was forced to leave for mysterious reasons some kind of vague fore telling, I think.I don t think the author intended anything, but the descriptions of his swarthiness and dark, exotic demeanor was a bit cringe worthy Still, Cam was a great hero and he adored Amelia.The story also sets up several books involving the rest of the family It felt like maybe some of the couples they ran into when they moved to their newly inherited estate might have had their own books prior to this But, the females and supporting characters were good.Overall, this was a satisfying HR fix, but nothing that will blow you away esp if you have read many HRs before I m still interested in the next one, but I feel like I can wait a bit before continuing.Oh, the weird stuff going on with the brother, Leo the one who inherited the title, was a bit weird It was like he was possessed by his ex love s ghost I kept waiting for a supernatural twist and it felt a little out of place He has a LONG way to go before being redeemed, in my view.

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    La verdad es que empec a leer este libro sin estar muy convencida, pues esta autora no terminaba de convencerme, pero para mi sorpresa, esta historia me encant As que ser cuesti n de seguir

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