The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn

The Secret Diary of Anne BoleynEntertainment Weekly Wrote, History Doesn T Come Any Fascinating Or Lurid Than The Wife Felling Reign Of Henry VIII Robin Maxwell Re Creates This Chapter In History To Perfection In An Exuberant And Bawdy Novel Of Lust, Betrayal, Love And MurderWhen The Young Queen Elizabeth I Is Given Her Mother S Diary, She Discovers The Truth About Her Lascivious And Despotic Father, Henry VIII And Vows Never To Relinquish Control To Any Man This Is A Wonderfully Juicy Historical Novel, So Convincing That It S Difficult To Believe It Is The Author S FirstPainting Vicious Court Intrigue, National And International Politics, And The Role Of The Reformation, Maxwell Brings Not Only The Two Queens But All Of Bloody Tudor England To Life Publishers Weekly, Starred Review An Energetic, Full Dress Period Novel Should Appeal To All Fanciers Of Imagined Portraits Of Tudor Era Heroines Kirkus Reviews

Robin Maxwell began writing novels about the historical figures she had been obsessing about since graduating from Tufts University with a degree in Occupational Therapy Her first novel, The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, now in its 24th printing, won two YA awards and has been translated into fourteen languages The Wild Irish an epic tale of Ireland s rebel queen, Grace O Malley closed ou

[PDF / Epub] ✅ The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn ⚣ Robin Maxwell –
  • Hardcover
  • 280 pages
  • The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn
  • Robin Maxwell
  • English
  • 06 March 2019
  • 9781559703758

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    Each time I read a book about Anne Boleyn I can t help loving her even for the courage of her heart and her vivid spirit She was a feminist in a period of time when women considered to be the property of their fathers and their husbands afterwards She was fearless, determined, charming, ambitious, political astute, highly intelligent and intellectually driven This book proves that once again It is a story of Anne told through the diary entries and being read by her daughter Elizabeth, the Queen of England A very interesting perspective I highly recommend it for those who are interested in the life of this Great Woman.

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    I loved this book and would recommend it above the Other Boleyn Girl In fact having read this book and at least one or two others about Anne Boleyn, all of which portrayed her as a woman who wanted to take control over her life instead of being having her entire life run by men and brought about her own downfall not just because she wanted too much power but because she wanted power than a woman was supposed to want, I had trouble getting into the Other Boleyn Girl, which to me made Anne seem too flat and too simplistic I find this version of Anne much rich and developed and I also really liked the fact that this book ties in Elizabeth and makes you feel like you are reading along with the young queen as she finds out the truth about her mother after being told so many horrible stories about her.

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    As an avid reader of Tudor biographies with a particular fascination for Queen Anne Boleyn, I approached this historical fiction novel with some skepticism I was pleasantly surprised and impressed Not only was it factually accurate, but the best read on Anne Boleyn I ve had This novel is premised on the idea that Anne Boleyn kept a diary from the inception of her romance with King Henry VIII up until the day before her execution This diary was discreetly given to Anne s daughter Queen Elizabeth I shortly after her coronation Most of the book is comprised of the chronological diary excerpts, which I ravenously devoured Robin Maxwell captured the language pattern of these Medieval times so magnificently As I read Anne Boleyn s heartfelt thoughts it was a most intimate and poignant experience I fought back tears reading Anne s tender words for the daughter she would never live to see grow up This fictional but authentically presented diary gives the reader a personal and unique forum to experience this royal tragedy.

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    Excellent depiction of the rise and fall of Anne Boleyn as told through diary form which was an interesting take on the oft told story of Henry VIII s second wife I especially liked that it also features a young Queen Elizabeth who is wrestling with her own desires and political fortunes.As always, I find this era fascinating and having read several different versions, I believe this one adds some emotional depth to Boleyn s story.

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    3.5 starsReading this book was like mashing the Movie Elizabeth with the Showtime series The Tudors Queen Elizabeth I is given her Mother s diary She is intrigued as she really did not know her Mother As she begins reading the journal she is given a glimpse into the life of her Mother, her Mother s relatives and also showed her a part of her father she did not know The Diary chronicles the time before Anne was married to Henry VIII and up until the day of her execution This is a book that blends history with fiction I didn t feel as if I learned anything new but it was an entertaining read about court life, relationships, secrets, and historical events Even though I knew what was going to happen and have read about Anne Boleyn in various books, this was an entertaining tale A fast read This is the type of book that one can read on a lazy Sunday afternoon or on a plane It s not too earth shattering, does not require much thought, and is interesting.

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    How can a book that is ripped from the pages of a history book set almost 500 years ago be this awesome I don t know but it has me looking for the 10 star button This book begins early in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I When she learns of a diary of her mother s and is given it The book juxtaposes the reality of Elizabeth and her struggles as a Queen with the words of Anne Boleyn starting before she returns to England and ending with her death on the Tower green Even though we the reader know exactly what is going to happen to poor Anne and poor Elizabeth there is still a great sense of intrigue and what is going to happen next.

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    I heard a lot about the book before reluctantly reading it its page number was so small I typically enjoy longer novels and I m not such a fan of stories told in the form of diaries, and so it was a long time before The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn found its way to my read list I decided to read it for a school project since it was the only Anne Boleyn related book on the list, and after the first few pages I was simply pulled in Maxwell s book is brilliant I ve always known that the lives of the mother daughter duo, Anne and Elizabeth, had many similarities, and in a lot of ways Elizabeth reflected her martyred mother despite their too short time together, but everything between them is magnified and brought together to form two breathtaking intersecting stories full of twists, irony and parallels Neither of them had easy lives and the difficulties Anne experienced and how she went about solving these problems translate perfectly into her daughter s life making for guidance and counsel that guides her most.What I absolutely adored about this novel was how there was the perfect amount of each side of the story, so that neither made the other fall flat Anne is an alluring, bold, and headstrong girl, witty, daring and the perfect alchemy of chaste lady and seductive, fun loving minx Henry falls instantly and deeply in love with the woman strong enough to be his partner, beautiful enough to be his lover, and despite her warming affections toward him, Anne knows that to fall too passionately for an all powerful king could be potentially dangerous, and whether he loves her or not she is at his mercy Her adventurous ups and downs are mirrored by the story of Elizabeth, and the roles are entirely switched Elizabeth is the twenty five year old, all powerful Queen of England, but it s a far from glamorous life In love with her childhood playmate and teenage lover and friend, she aches with heartbreak at the knowledge that it would take the moving of the very Earth to have him her king he is a married man far from beloved by her people, of a family line infamous for treachery toward the crown and she is the Queen of England, sought by kings and princes of Europe s greatest powers Every step she takes is met with harsh judgment and criticism and followed speedily by scandal She learns quickly that to survive and thrive it will take not simply guidance from the council, but her own fallen mother.Their tales collide and explode and it s simply masterful I had no problems with any part of it Maxwell s The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn is an emotional powerhouse, and it s neither of their stories told like you ve ever seen them before Their characters grow, mature, discover the truth and shape their own destinies as one and it s absolutely breathtaking I ll always see Anne Boleyn in Elizabeth Tudor s greatest decisions which transformed her into Gloriana, and it s because of this book, unquestionably one of the greatest Anne Boleyn related novels ever written, and one I am begging all Tudor enthusiasts or simply one looking for a good book, to read The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn is timeless magic you re heartless if you don t shed a tear.

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    Knjiga u kojoj je pri a Anne Boleyn druga ija od drugih, povijesna fikcija i rekonstrukcija tragi nog ivota i smrti Anne, sjajan roman, slikovito o ivljena krvava Engleska iz vladavine Tudorovih Kraljica Elizabeta 1 na poklon dobija tajni dnevnik Anne, druge od est supruga njezina oca Henrika VIII., ona otkriva mnogo toga o majci koju nikad nije upoznala Iz dnevnika Anne saznajemo ono to nismo mogli iz drugih pri a, uvijek je prikazana o ima drugih, onako kako su je oni vidjeli Ovdje saznajemo da ju je Henrik ljubio, ali njegova je ljubav za nju bila zamka Bijeg joj je bio jedina nada u spas Henrik ju je elio bezumno, bezobzirno A kad kralj za eli neku enu, jedini je mogu odgovor Da, gospodaru Osim ako se ena, poput Anne, ne nametne kao veliki izazov Pokazala se kao kraljeva najte e uhvatljiva lovina, vode i ga i bude i u njemu vatrenu udnju za sobom Ali izmicala mu je iz godine u godinu dok nije bio gotovo izbezumljen od potjere i neuspjeha No mora se imati na umu da je Anna cijelo to vrijeme bila i ostala lovina Plijen Mogla je samo bje ati ili se predati njegovoj ljubavi, koja, kao to je duboko u du i oduvijek znala znala, zna i smrt.

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    So disappointed.I enjoy historical fiction, and the addition of a little romance is usually the icing on the cake.USUALLY.Though this book was listed as historical fiction at my library, it s the rankest Harelquinny, bad fan fiction drivel, full of purple prose, silly coyness, and ridiculous sex at ridiculous times.Folks, this is just BAD And it s really too bad, because the adventures, sexual and otherwise, of the Tudor family en toto are rife with ideas for the imaginative writer who is willing to do the historical work to set them on a strong foundation.This is not that novel, despite the claim that the author spent twelve years in research The dialogue is silly, even allowing for updates in language for the modern reader Period detail is scanty The history is there for anyone who went through high school, but the author has a distressing way of jamming it all together in broad passages that try to give the whole background high school level in a lump.If you want slightly tawdry Tudor history written in a superior fashion, Phillippa Gregory s The Other Boleyn Girl is far superior.

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    Like so many others, I find Anne Boleyn fascinating What kind of a woman could make a king so desire her that he was willing to turn his kingdom upside down in order to have her It amazes me to think how many years she was able to keep Henry interested and chasing after her before she was finally made Queen.and then how quickly after that she met a tragic death Fascinating.I really enjoyed the format of this book and getting to hear both Anne s story and little bit of Elizabeth s, as well I liked getting to see Elizabeth s reactions as she was reading Anne s diary and how it affected some decisions she made at the end of the story And then I also loved getting a intimate picture of Anne as we read her diary entries It s interesting to see how differently characters feel in the hands of different authors The only other books on the Tudors I ve read have been by Philippa Gregory I felt a lot sympathetic with Anne in The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn than I did in PG s books She was certainly still a manipulator, but I thought PG played up that side of Anne than Robin Maxwell did That could also just be due to the fact that we are reading Anne s diary here, and so it s her perspective we re seeing At any rate, I had a different reaction to her because of that.More than anything, I came away from this book with a huge need to find out about Anne and about Henry VIII himself This didn t begin to satisfy my curiosity, only to increase it I love books that drive me to research and dig deeper into a subject, seeking out information I think I ll be looking into some biographical and non fiction reading on the Tudors in order to get a clearer picture of what is fact and what is speculation about their lives.

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