Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: Death of Spider-Man Fallout

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: Death of Spider-Man FalloutThe bookends are okay The front end better than the last, though The rest of it is just meh Meh to eh, even Felt the characters should have been allowed to come to grips with what they d just lived through and with such heavy issues mentioned, there should have been some page time dedicated to working though those thoughts Instead, all we get is a really long promo for the other Ultimate line titles Zero depth Peter deserved a better send off than this. Originally published as a six issue miniseries titled Ultimate Comics Fallout note the lack of Spider Man in the title , this was apparently intended to act as closure and foreshadowing for a lot of major developments in the Ultimate universe Unfortunately, I really don t care about anything that happens in the Ultimate universe outside the pages of Spider Man It s a good thing that at least half of what s here is related to Spider Man, and is written very well.There is a lot going on, though Several writers worked on this trade, each apparently writing what they knew best Bendis on the most directly Spider Man pages, and so forth Several different artists, too, I suppose to keep the look consistent for the different books represented here Marvel could and probably has reprint the Rogue scene in an Ultimate X Men book without it looking out of place I m pleased to say that not one section was badly written or illustrated I might not have cared about what was going on, but it wasn t painful to read, in any way Does this change my mind about avoiding the rest of the Ultimate books Not exactly, but I won t rule it out in the future.But what s really important, and why I imagine most people are reading this trade in the first place, are the reactions to Peter s death No surprise, these are largely realistic, wrenching, and, surprisingly underplayed I m talking about J Jonah Jameson unable to finish even the first sentence of a tribute to Peter Or Tony Stark, expressing his grief through what he can offer to Aunt May, his money Or Thor s satisfied certainty that Peter is now in Valhalla It s easy, and cheap, to rely on emotional manipulation, but this volume almost entirely avoids that I ll give them the scene with the little girl, because she s effectively standing in for all the strangers Peter saved who never had a chance to thank him But the scenes with the established characters are emotional in a way that s real, authentic, and exactly as I d expect those characters to mourn.The new Spider Man, Miles Morales, shows up about halfway through It s a very short scene, just a tease of the character Enough to get me interested, at least, and that s all I ask Obviously, I ll be going on to read Miles s adventures I ve learned to trust Bendis at least that far.As a farewell to Peter Parker, this volume is very effective Not just with providing a venue to mourn him, but also with driving in the fact that this is real Peter is dead now, and he s not coming back in this universe For me, that s a relief Bringing Peter back from the dead would rob his death of any meaning Bendis put in the hard work to make it meaningful, to make us accept that it s real, and it would be a terrible thing for Marvel to betray that later. Peter Parker is dead and the Ultimate universe is grieving.A devastated Aunt May struggles to get through it with the help of Gwen Stacy and Tony Stark Mary Jane tries to lessen her pain by pinning the blame publicly on Nick Fury J Jonah Jameson can t find the words to express himself in his newspaper Spidey s younger super powered friends like Kitty Pryde, Johnny Storm and Bobby Drake react with a mix of anger and anguish Captain America, who was a real dick to Peter shortly before his death, is wracked with guilt As for Nick Fury Well, who knows what Nick Fury is really thinking And there s a new young man wearing a Spider Man outfit This collection goes in two different directions The far superior parts give us realistic and painful stories about grief While the world belatedly recognizes that Spider Man was a hero and honors his memory, the ones who actually knew Peter Parker and what a special person he was are mourning deeply.The other stories focuson new larger plot developments like Tony Stark being invited to join a secret club of ultra wealthy people who want to make the world better, and Quicksilver pitching a pretty horrible plan to a powerful CEO While we get a glimpse of the new Spider Man, we don t really learn anything about him other than he s named Miles Morales.I wish the entire collection would have stuck with the reaction to Peter s death That s the truly powerful stuff here For example, there s a part where Aunt May is at the funeral and meets a little girl in the crowd of thousands that has gathered, and she tells May how Spider Man saved her from a fire If you read that and it doesn t hit you hard, then I d advise you to get psychologically tested immediately because you re probably a sociopath. 4.5 starsOh my God.The scene with the little girl I literally did that chokey thing you do when you get that big lump in your throat Wow I was embarrassed for myself, to be quite honest.I feel a little better after reading some of the other reviews on this one, cause evidently I m not the only one.Fallout is a pretty darn good love letter to Peter Parker Although, I don t agree that it would be better if he didn t come back Sorry, guys I stopped reading this after they killed him off I suppose I should ve given Morales a shot, but I never really cared enough to try Everyone has their favorites, and Parker was mine.Anyhoo, this wasn t quite a five star read for me, because some of the stuff with Pietro and Richards felt ramdom Although, that s probably because I m not invested in the Ultimate universe enough to understand what they had to do with anything P.S.Wanda and Pietro Gah.Still fucking creepy I m not sure what was going on With Mr Fantastic, but I vaguely remember reading something about him going over to the dark side I guess I should try to find some of these back issues, and try to catch up Most of the volume focused on the people closest to Peter, though And that s where this volume really shines Read it. Death of Spider Man Fallout, it is, as the title suggests, the afterward of Ultimate Comics Spider Man Death of Spider Man, one of the biggest, most shocking comicbook events in recent memory Every other superheroes shock and severe reactions to Spider Man a.k.a Peter Parker s untimely and unbelievable death , along with of course the closest people in Peter Parker s life Each one dealt with the loss in his or hers own way Truly heartbreaking, very very emotional, and so much sadness Evenso because Marvel s Ultimate Universe version of the Spider Man was only a young school going teenager, what wonderful, lovably endearing, great kid he was so much potential This volume depicted those heartfelt emotions very beautifully, using just the right amount of understated sorrowful monologues from various characters point of view without going overboard, in giving us the absolutely perfect epilogue the death of one of the greatest superheroes ever deserves Each chapter had a different style of illustration, and all the artworks worked and matched in regard with the different somber moods seamlessly An impressive ending to a great series and an even greater hero. The stuff that deals with the characters dealing with the death of Spider man Peter in this is great The rest, which is setting up for the relaunch that would come after, not so much, because a lot of it heavily on what happened outside of the Spider man book But the good stuff makes up for it This was a nice ending to the series, although the parts that strayed a little were off the mark.I had to write a review for this because of one simple thing I am 100% convinced that the run of Ultimate Spider Man that spans about a decade is the best singular run in comic book history The writing is great This series is one of the most consistent as far as making me laugh, and at the same time the softer moments are handled just right The writing does so much to help even a hardened nerdo like myself understand why it sometimes sucks to be Spider Man For the first time ever, I m sold on the idea that being Spider Man isn t always totally awesome The movies make it seem totally awesome, right Okay, maybe he s always late for class Who gives a shit I was always late for class, and that was simply because I was dumb Or maybe I was dumb because I was late for classno, it was definitely the first one Believe me, the extra 5 minutes in Senior World Studies spent drawing the rivers on the African continent wouldn t have made me into a winner.The art Mark Bagley kills it His Spider Man is fantastic And he can also actually draw people too, ones that have different faces and can be told apart The trick to drawing Spider Man is to express the action and to convey the idea that Spider Man is almost creepy in the way that he moves around, which is part of why people just hate him Bagley does a perfect job, and it s no small surprise that the writer artist team beat the record for the longest continuous collaboration on a mainstream Marvel book, which was previously set by none other than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, two legends.And for being as long as it is, spanning 10 years, there really aren t the kinds of duds we expect and allow in comics What s the longest run of Incredible Hulk MAYBE a year Batman A few months Superman 13 22 pages Keeping up this level of goodness for a decade is absolutely incredible.Finally, because the storyline is contained within these volumes, ALL available in trade paperback, a person could pick up Ultimate Spider Man vol 1 and read the entire series without screwing around with a bunch of crossover nonsense, getting confused by unexplained outside characters, having multiple timelines and events confusing everything, and all the general craziness that comes with comics This is a full series, beginning to end, and this is the superhero comic I would recommend to anyone that just never enjoyed a superhero comic.You can get issues 1 39 in this one volume Which I recommend that you all do. The Peter Parker eulogy is well done but short though the scenes with May Parker were brilliant This though is pretty much a sideline to the reboot of the UltimateU that this book is setting up.Don t get me wrong the events, tensions and new intrigues that are introduced here sound like some awesome plot threads Nearly everyone is given a new emotional dimension on which future storylines will have extra levels of satisfying reading.If I didn t know better I d have accused this of being Disney Marvel s latest event , but with these three writers crafting the web, I can t help but be excited at the idea of enjoying they mysteries to come Spencer is the real surprise here I ve never heard of him before, but based on his writing in this book he s the next Hickman in terms of writing chops Spencer s contributions stand up to the two powerhouses.Let s just hope that Marvel keeps Jeph Loeb s greasy ham fists off the UltimateU for the foreseeable future.As to the art, what can I say Some of Marvel s best talents are working here, and while I usually bitch about an ensemble book like this where the art team changes every few pages, it works here I m especially impressed with the female talent good on Marvel for bringing on interesting new looks that have just as much right to wow me visually as all the regular dudes. Death of Spider Man fallout did not go as I expected Sure it had some things like the funeral along with grieving Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane Watson outside of that it just went to random stories including some creepy Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch moments , bad artwork, and the first time Miles Morales tries to be Spider Man.Spider Man s death had a volume worthy of it, but the fallout volume was less than stellar They couldn t even give the readers one entire volume to grieve with the characters over Peter Parker. The End Before The Beginning How Will Spider Man S Loved Ones React To His Tragic Death What Will Become Of Captain America Where Have All The X Men Gone And What S Up With The New Spider Man Suit Don T Miss One Of The Most Talked About Ultimate Events Ever Collecting Ultimate Comics Fallout

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