The Secret Doctrine : The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy

The Secret Doctrine : The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and PhilosophyAbsolute must for any Theosophy scholar or mystic. Poorly written junk Mrs Blavatsky who later in life turned out to be a fraud mixed concepts of different religions and added a massive amount of fantasy resulting in a book that has NOTHING to do with reality, truth, philosophy or spirituality unless you missed the last 100 years in science and philosophy It does not contain any valuable life lesson Don t waste your time on this. Continuously In Print For Over Years, The SD Remains Today The Most Comprehensive Sourcebook Of The Esoteric Tradition, Outlining The Fundamental Tenets Of The Secret Doctrine Of The Archaic Ages Challenging, Prophetic, And Strikingly Modern, It Directly Addresses The Perennial Questions Continuity Of Life After Death, Purpose Of Existence, Good And Evil, Consciousness And Substance, Sexuality, Karma, Evolution, And Human And Planetary Transformation Based On The Ancient Stanzas Of Dzyan With Corroborating Testimony From Over , Sources, These Volumes Unfold The Drama Of Cosmic And Human Evolution From The Reawakening Of The Gods After A Night Of The Universe To The Ultimate Reunion Of Cosmos With Its Divine Source Supplementary Sections Discuss Relevant Scientific Issues As Well As The Mystery Language Of Myths, Symbols, And Allegories, Helping The Reader Decipher The Often Abstruse Imagery Of The World S Sacred Literature It was in volume 3 of the secret doctrine that I found the issues that 1930 s nazi Germany found pleasing in Blavatskys work in the chapter on Root Races but volume 1 still remains an important and very ancient contribution to 21st Century chaos theory logos outpouring vehicles the suppressed law of emergence written up in Hindu terminology Compulsory reading for theosophists or anyone interested in esoteric philosophy or spiritualism Theosophical thinking has changed the direction of many lives including the poet William Butler Yeats This is a highly creative work of spiritualism, to be absorbed and IMHO not to be taken too literally. Here lies one of the biggest roots of modern syncretism, new age and pseudo spirituality A real malignent tumor.Ren Gu non swept the floor pretty well with all this business indeed with his Theosophy History of a Pseudo Religion and The Spiritist Fallacy Both books are a must.Quotes from the Gu non bookOur goal, as Mme Blavatsky used to say, is not to restore Hinduism, but to sweep Christianity from the surface of the earthDeclaration made by Alfred Alexander and published in The Medium and Daybreak, London, January 1893, P23A Theosophist has expressly declared that The Secret Doctrine would not have been published if the theory of evolution had not come to light in the human brain Les Cycles, by Amaravella, in Lotus Bleu, April 27, 1894, p78 we would say, rather, that without it, it would not have been imagined At the seventeenth convention of the Theosophical Society, held at Adyar in December 1891, Colonel Olcott said the following I helped HPB in the compilation of her Isis Unveiled, while Keightley, with several others, did the same for the Secret Doctrine Each of us knows full well how far from infallible are parts of these books, owing due to our collaboration, not to mention those parts written by HPB.P.S A special quote here from the Secret Doctrine by Blavastky, for it is truly one of the most hilariously ignorant statements on the Quran that I have ever heard The mystic word Alm, which the prophet Mahomet prefixed to many chapters of the Koran, alludes to her female aspect of that universal Spirit as the Alm, the immaculate Virgin of the heavens And the sublime ever falling into the ridiculous it is from this root Alm that we have to derive the word Almeh the Egyptian dancing girls. Madame Blavatsky was a very learned woman from her time, and did a lot to identify the root races and other metaphysical topics I had already read part of this years ago, and it is worth the read if you have an open mind and believe that all religions are the same and have a core tenet of love. Brings together a great deal of mythological, 19th century scientific, and religious material to show the unity behind human traditions throughout time and culture Principles are universal, whatever one may think of the details. This book is complete garbage The author s incompetence is obvious, she just took everything that was known of Eastern religious and philosophic systems in the 19th century Europe, everything the pseudo intellectual mass wanted to believe, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Anti Semitic and Aryan ideologies everything that wanted to be believed and wasn t systematized yet She spoke of mahatmas from Hinduism, though there are none there there are Wise Men the Rishi, but their role is different from that of Blavatsky s Mahatmas, and actually the idea of Mahatmas was borrowed from Jainism, where they perform a similar guiding, enlightening role and are called Jaina Also, Blavatsky was a master of mystification, she acted as a medium and performed magic tricks like materialization , to prove her ideas were right something most modern theosophists would rather omit She didn t accept the aid of doctors, healing herself by letting a white dog to sleep on her foot Nevertheless, she died at the age of 59 of complications from influenza and Bright s disease chronic stuff, that could be easily prevented.Also, the Nazi used many of Blavatsky s ideas in their Eugenics ideology E g Blavatsky supported the idea of major and minor races, and that nature will see the minor races including Semites, Africans and Roma people destroyed, as nature wants to clear itself.Though, later writers on Theosophy are much worse. A must reference book for serious seekers and researchers of esoteric philosophies and modern occultism Not necessarily an easy read HP Blavatsky s writing style was a bit crude as her native language is not English But the ideas presented, I believe, formed the basis of the modern occult movement both eastern and western I started reading this one when I was still in senior high school and finally finished reading it a few years back Its like it took me 15 years to read it But Im not yet sure if I fully comprehended all the ideas presented Yet, esoterically, this can be an excellent exercise in abstract thinking as a prelude to occult meditation practice This is an exhaustive occult treatise on the beginning of the universe from the unmanifested supreme intelligence to its manifestation of the planes of nature and its expansion and emanations forming galaxies, suns, and planets Part 1 Cosmogenesis The second part deals with anthropogenesis or the origin of life on earth, and the various root races and civilizations that materialized and developed in our planetary scheme These are not HPB s own original ideas but she just distilled the ancient wisdoms down the ages into this work, coming from the world s scriptures, myths, and other writings, some of which are hidden such as the Stanzas of Dzyan Thus, HPB, with the help of some Masters of Wisdom, was given access to this manuscripts She did not use any form of spirit channeling or mediumistic abilities to write this down The paperback edition is in two volumes I don t recommend the abridged 1 volume version but the older editions in hard cover consisted of around 5 to 7 volumes in all.Interestingly, aside from the encyclopedic occult cosmology she presented, is her theory of polar shifting as the 3rd movement of the earth in addition to rotation and revolution I believe it s already the current scientific theory but amazingly she postulated that in this book as early as the late 18th century when it was not yet the current thinking I guess this is relevant now in our times of climatic changes and natural upheavals as we near 2012.But it is sad how the occult concept of root races were abused and probably deliberately misquoted and misinterpreted by racist ideologies and political movements of our time to suit their objectives Hitler s Aryan race concept was definitely a grave misunderstanding and the term was only lifted out of this book without the proper context And because of this, the SD became one of the most maligned books of our time due to criticisms by people who haven t even read it, or those who have read it on a piecemeal basis but never grasped the big picture, or those who simply relied on other people s prejudiced critiques.Nowhere can you find in the Secret Doctrine SD any reference to justify or tolerate genocide or mass murder of certain sub races or root races The disappearances of the root races were caused by natural upheavals as a by product of the evolutionary process of the planet The 3rd root race which is called the lemurians disappeared naturally through volcanic upheavals after humanity reincarnating as a whole had already outgrown the need for that type of physical body and culture The 4th root race Atlanteans disappeared via what remained in the myths of world religions as the great flood Tale of Noah s ark in the Bible We are now in the 5th root race, and the dominant sub race is the Anglo Saxon But it does not imply that the dominant culture would have to exterminate other sub races or stragglers of the previous root races that are presently co existing with them just to ensure dominance Many are trying to twist and mal interpret this teaching to demonize the SD and HPB.The above mentioned teaching concerning the root races is not anti semitic at all and has no intention of marginalizing any races as minor , which nature needed to destroy or eliminate from the face of the Earth There is a need to understand the context on how the SD and our society define a race The SD or the ageless wisdom views man as a spiritual being, a Soul or a Divine Spirit, and not the physical body belonging to any race Therefore, the bodies or the groups of people we call races or cultures are nothing but vehicles of manifestation for the reincarnating Soul These races being described in the SD are the groups of people belonging to different epochs and are settled in different continents under differing earthly conditions They existed even BEFORE our present root race which historically only began about 10,000 to 5,000 BC THEY WERE ALSO US, AS REINCARNATING SOULS, BUT OCCUPYING A DIFFERENT BODY AND LIVING A DIFFERENT CULTURE BACK THEN.But as lessons were learned from past cultures or past ways of life and past bodies in different earthly conditions, we human souls have to move on We need new experiences to evolve, thus the need for new Earth conditions, environment, cultures, and even new form of physical bodies Thus, old forms or races or cultures disappear through the working of nature s laws and upheavals to give way to new ones In the future, our present race or culture will also be outgrown, and a new one will be forthcoming to replace us The bodies or appearances and ways of life may be very different from the present But we remain as Souls occupying these bodies.Presently, the 5th root race or the Aryan root race or the Aryan culture is the composite of all the existing races on Earth Be it Anglo saxon, African, Asian, Latin american, Semite, etc etc But the races roots can be traced back its origins in pre Aryan races Remember, we are the Souls and we are just tracing back the clothes or vehicles we used in the past The fact that we are alive today means we evolved this far, at par with the other Souls occupying different bodies, regardless of race If we are inferior or did not pass the evolutionary ladder, we could have been reincarnated in another younger planetary scheme, and not Earth But there are also stragglers belonging to very primitive cultures The fact that they are born together with us means, they still have a chance of catching up The dominant culture should act as their teacher and guide, instead of their oppressors.What is then considered a minor race There is no such thing as a minor race in the SD Probably they are referring to sub root races.Here is a list 1st Root race and sub races Polarian No physical bodies yet as we know it now 2nd Root race and sub races Hyperborean No physical bodies yet as we know it now 3rd Lemurian root race Physical bodies as we know it appeared for the first time Sub root races included those that started in Africa, Southern India, and the East Indies Their descendants include the Capoid race, the Congoid race, the Dravidians, and the Australoid race 4th Atlantean root race The seeds of emotions were born to this race Sub root race included the Rmoahal, the Tlavati Cro Magnons , the Toltec, Turanian, the original Semites e.g., the Phoenicians , the Akkadians, and the Mongolian, which migrated to and colonized East Asia The descendants today include those of the Mongolian race, the Malayan race, and the American Indian race as well as some olive skinned Mediterranean race 5th the present Aryan root race the seeds of the mind were born to the race Sub races included 1 the Hindu, 2 the arabian, 3 the persians, 4 the Celts, and 5 the present dominant culture the Teutonic Anglo Saxon 6th sub root race it is speculated it will start somewhere in the NZ Aus region 7th 6th root race seed of intuition will be born to the race 7th root race seed of spiritual Will will be born to the race Thus, it can be seen here, that the semitic race is not singled out for destruction Many other sub root races that existed in the past will be gradually phased out through natural upheavals Not by edicts of governments or ruling bodies But by us we, the evolving Souls who will be needing advanced types of bodies or races or cultures in the distant futurelike, millions of years from now My suggestion to those wishing to read this for the first time so that it won t bore them to death or take them 15 years to read it lol is to read it in parallel with other books written by authors who were serious students of the HPB books, and have the capacity to digest and breakdown her ideas to organized and readable forms For me, the following books are good complements Basic Theosophy by Geoffrey Hodson This is a bit over simplified but still a useful motivation to read the SD Fundamentals of Esoteric Philosophy by G de Purucker a thick restatement of SD Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception by Max Heindel For me, this is still SD written from a clairvoyant s point of view The problem in reading this is the confusion arising from difference in the terminologies jargon used HPB made use of a lot of annoying sanskrit terms and Heindel tried to change them into English or used an entirely different occult vocabulary One may get lost in the process Or one better approach is to read this first, then jump into the SD of HPB But if you are new into esoteric philosophy or occultism and would want something lighter to start your readings, and introduce yourself to the various facets of occultism or the ageless wisdom, try Cosmos in Man by Torkom SaraydarianTorkom condensed the entire SD into about 2 chapters And his writing style is cool and accessible to new readers.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Russian

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