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새비지 가든 I ve only read Savage Garden maybe once or twice in my life but I remember it very fondly It has a distinct, lovely style that lends itself the thedark, mature nature of the plot It s simplicity makes it both profound and vague Gabriel is an orphan who attends a rich school in a 19th century sort of era with the identity of her friend, Jeremy, who had been given an opportunity to go to school and rise out of his destitute state before his death by a mysterious sponser While at the school, Gabriel becomes entwined in the lives of two brothers, Euan and Raymond Kensington, who are noble and the sons of a duke, but who each have their own complex pasts and issues that affect how they interact with the world and with Gabriel Part of the story revolves around ideas of sexuality and gender the all boys nature of the school coupled with the historic plot puts same sex relationships in a particular light while the power and prestige of the nobility makes for debauchery and secrecy Although Gabriel was born into a noble family, her life as an orphan has made her a lotworldly and kind than her peers at the school, though she still holds a sort of pride for her station and seeks to be a strong person of high morals She s kindly to maids and horses and is repelled by the way that the boys act, which draws her into a lot of conflicts with the boys around her, especially the brothers A major crux of the story is Gabriel using Jeremy s identity she s blackmailed into it by the mysterious sponsor who correctly guesses that Gabriel was jealous of Jeremy s good fortune in life Although his death was an accident and Gabriel is forced into the role, she realizes that going along with the ruse will benefit her and often struggles with feelings of guilt and self preservation, which only worsen as she grows close with Raymond and Euan and risks revealing her true identity.The manga contains death and sex and a variety of mature themes and situations Euan has sex with maids and his classmates Raymond is traumatized There s references to Duke Kensington s infidelity to his wife and how it s affected his sons and marriage Joshua is attracted to Gabriel and ejaculates after a wet dream and he even killed his horse out of spite but seems to have a complex relationship with Raymond that s romantic sexual to some degree A maid is deceptive and cruel The boys go to an opium den and interact with sex workers and try absinthe There s attempted suicide There s completed suicide There s murder There s dubious consent and cheating and betrayal There s some torture It s not what I d consider especially graphic or blunt, but there is enough mature content that I d not advise letting anyone too young read it.One of the main issues with the art is that Euan, Raymond, and Joshua are difficult to tell apart in a lot of scenes They all have light colored hair and similar faces, so unless a shot is really clear enough to show the slight differences The main issue with the plot is that it s somewhat vague and events happen very rapidly I suppose it s an artistic choice ultimately, but I think a bitdevelopment would have been beneficial for a plot like this The entire series is only about 30 chapters long, so everything happens really quickly and it can be easy to lose your way if you skim over any written text or scenes Sometimes vital information is told through very small, specific things Overall, a quick read with astark and harsher feel than a lot of other comics Worth a read In Th Century England, Gabriel, An Orphan Girl From A Fallen Noble Family Befriended A Young Man Named Jeremy, Who Was Rud To Be An Illegitimate Child Of A Nobleman After An Incident Occurred, Resulting In His Tragic Death, Gabriel Must Impersonate Her Friend Jeremy, Taking His Place At An All Boys Academy For Nobles, A Place That May Seem Like Heaven To Others, But Really Hides A Harshness Which She Would Never Have Imagined It is a must read I don t quite understand the obsession Koreans have with dramas but they are extremely good at it I have read it so many times I lost count The characters are well developed, beautiful drawings, a piece of art It could easily become a movie And the end I cried but I was also so happy about it And the sudden twists in the plot absolutely fascinating and breathtaking Unsatisfied Amazing drawing but disappointing plot Especially the ending. Holy crap. This manhwa is SO.GOOD.Of course like any other manhwas I ve read before, i completely fell in love with it from the first page. the art was gorgeous the characters as well the story wasn t unique or anything, it was okay for me though i hated it at the end The end just RUINED everything view spoiler Seriously it was the worst way possible to end it Killing Euan which he s my favorite character just so Gabriel and Ray can finally be together is soo ugh ridiculous, YAH I can understand that the author want it to be a happy ending for everyone, but that wasn t a happy ending, at least not for me hide spoiler Que estranho RSrsrs read this last year Liked it but the ending was written drawn in haste Okay guys, let me just tell you, I m actually going to go so far as to say this is my favourite manga Oh my gosh girl are you serious Yes I m serious, man I DON T EVEN LIKE SHOUJO ANY MORE I used to, hah I m guilty I M GOING TO GET VERY LONG WINDED, just so you know I m writing so much for myself to read in the future, and in case there s a person that comes along that is just like me, deprived of community for this manga and wants to know other people s opinions or suggestions OO I don t know anyone who has read this manhwa Insofar as I know, which would be only limited to the English version, this manhwa is not all that wildly popular exposure wise and obviously in my opinion underrated ART I m going to have to say this series initiated an existential crisis in my art The art is BEAUTIFUL, all the props to Lee Hyeon sook Everyone are as pretty as flowers and framed gorgeously I m not saying it s avant garde or genius, it s just seriously fresh, different, and plain pretty It made me really think, why do I find all these characters attractive, what makes me believe that their faces are so pretty So I studied her drawings and tried to imitate it, mixed it with my own style, learned something new, and moved on 8D I didn t steal her style or change my own but I really came away feeling like I learned something.PLOT Okay the plot is not fantastic or new, but I believe it was very well done Gabriel Jeremy is in a all boys school and has to survive as a boy, but it s truly a life death situation unlike the other comedies out there Though I had many moments of confusion the first time around I m terrible at names and characters who look similar it was fairly easily resolved and easily ignorable I must say I do have a very strong bias because my absolute favourite genre is gender bender female to male I just love the idea of a girl being independent and strongwilled, abandoning frills and long locks for a dream of theirs see also Nononono perhaps discovering that being a woman isthan those things Also maybe add a guy into the mix who falls in love with the girl for who she is and not anything superficial or shallow Anyways, the ending seemed very quick, but at the same time acceptable because it was very touching and very appropriate Yes I would have liked muchbut its terseness spoke volumes AND YES WHEN I READ THE ENDING I CRY EVERYTIM , like a little girly girl okay It s slightly innappropro if you re worried about that O Which is one reason I hesitate to suggest this to any of my friends let the world know it s my favourite Btw if anyone cares my other favourites each slightly related in theme would be Nononono , in common Gender Bender for Dream, psychological my GR review The Climber or Kokou no Hito , in common giving up anything for dream, psychological, serious my too long GR review Hahah I have a midterm tomorrow and now I feel like rereading again My first Korean Manhwa,and I m sure it won t be the last.first thing that surprised me was the drowning the art is so awesome, its really perfect, also the story is interesting still not sure how is it going, but based on korean dramas always goes I think it will be great.

Lee Hyeon sook Hangul born November 12 is a South Korean manhwa artist who made her debut in 1992 Her works include Seduction More Beautiful Than Love, about a teacher and her student, and The Flower of Evil, a dark story about twins Source Wikipedia

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  • 196 pages
  • 새비지 가든
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  • Korean
  • 03 December 2018

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