Floating Island

Floating IslandI thoroughly enjoyed The Floating Island though I do have to count it as one of the strangest books I have ever read It s basically a retelling of Swiss Family Robinson but from the point of view of a ship wrecked doll house family Anne Parrish included also did the illustrations for the book though she credits most of them to Mr Doll My son is enthralled with these illustrations, especially the one of the owl I m thinking of scanning the owl illustration and printing it out for his wall.This book was published in 1930 and was the runner up for the Newbery Award either 1930 or 1931 I m not sure which If I ever find out for sure that this book is in the public domain, I ll scan it for Project Gutenberg In the meantime, I m keeping the book This is the first book in two years that I ve read that I m not going to release one way or another Goodness The paeans of praise on the back cover might lead you to think you re holding the preeminent children s book of the 20th c Because the idea of a shipwrecked dollhouse is intriguing, the execution is done fairly well, and the descriptions are very lush, I could give it 4 stars 1 if the author didn t patronize her child readers when speaking to them directly not a tactic that I enjoy , 2 if I wasassured that the author had a good command of the knowledge she espouses in the footnotes and elsewhere I have doubts , 3 if the author had extended herself a wee bit to come up with names better than Mr and Mrs Doll, and 4 if we could just excise all the bits with Dinah the cook they re so very racist I understand that the book was published in 1930 and is a product of its times so I can excuse the descriptions of the African workers on the cocoa plantation it is possible that a reader may not have seen a black person before But I can t excuse the portrayal of Dinah in the illustrations they re Maxfield Parrish style,author is a cousin she s depicted in minstrel show style, she gets on well with the island s monkeys, she is described as becoming boastful by Mrs Doll the term intended but not used is uppity , and Dinah decides to stay on the island because she feels at home in the jungle I read this for my 2018 Reading Challenge and for my Newbery Challenge Honor book 1931 , When The Doll House They Inhabit Is Shipped Overseas As A Gift, A Terrible Storm Results In Shipwreck On An Uninhabited Tropical Island For The Doll Family This Includes Mr And Mrs Doll, Their Children William And Annabelle, And Dinah The Cook The Story Follows Their Adventures With Affection And Humor Another Childhood favorite The adventures of a shipwrecked dollhouse family Follows a lost dollhouse and its inhabitants to a floating island About as enjoyable as Hitty and her interminably long hundred year reign Yeesh. This book is incredible, an absolute favourite Read the full review here Three stars because it is loads better than Appleby Capple, but not because I really loved it I actually rather liked the first half, but the second half really dragged The Dolls were all quite silly, but there were some entertaining moments Once again, however, Ms Parrish has some cultural issues The cook, Dinah, who is of course black, is poorly drawn literally think a traveling Minstrel show as well as in her descriptions and becomes a savage, engaging in strange rituals and preferring monkeys to humans We also have some less than flattering descriptions of the various brown people who work the fields, and Mr Doll takes a moment to play Indian Lovely Thank you, era of all cultures that are not mine must be childlike I m glad we are getting past that point This book was so adorable It defintiely reminded me of when I was growing up and had my own doll house to play with I kept feeling that throughout the whole story that there really was a child playing with the dolls and that this child had a really good imagination While I know that Elizabeth never actually got her dolls and doll house, I felt like a child was playing with them while they were on the island I loved reading the perspective of the small dolls and how they interpreted things I felt that this was a very imaginative story that would be great for girls AND boys of all ages I loved the plot of this and also loved the drawings done by Mr Doll. This delightful book belonged to my mother Recommended for those who enjoy doll stories or, like Wendy, are reading the Newbery Honor books While some object to the depiction of the Doll family s cook, I do not think that should detract from enjoyment of the Dolls adventures on their desert island.

See this thread for information Three time Newbery Honor winner, Anne Parrish came from a distinguished and artistic Philadelphia family Her younger brother was author Dillwyn Parrish Parrish trained at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women, although she later chose a career in literature In 1923 her first romantic novel, Pocketful of Poses, was published simultaneously to her children s book, Knee High to a Grasshopper, illustrated by her brother Dillwyn Their collaboration was followed by Lustres 1924 In 1925 The Perennial Bachelor was the eighth best selling book for the entire year according to the New York Times and won the Harper Prize from her publisher Her 1928 bestseller All Kneeling was made into the 1950 film Born to Be Bad, starring Joan Fontaine and Robert Ryan.Throughout most of her life, Anne Parrish traveled extensively and on a trip to Switzerland, she and her brother purchased Le Paquis, a cottage in a meadow overlooking Lake Geneva not far from Lausanne, between Vevey and Chexbres.In 1915, she married industrialist Charles Albert Corliss, residing in New York City Her husband died in 1936 Two years later, she married poet and novelist Josiah Titzell aka Frederick Lambeck They made their home in Redding, Connecticut After he died in 1943, she continued to live there for the rest of her life.

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