FloaterDetective William Dempsey Of The New York Police Department Is Having A Bad Time Of It Having Endured Along With His Brothers In Blue, Manny Pinero And Evan Haley A Months Long Homicide Trial For The Inadvertant Or Was It Shooting Of Haitian Immigrant, Israel Lara, He S Been Abandoned By His Fiancee, Deemed Unfit For Duty, And Is Sinking Into An Oblivion Of Vodka And Pills Then There S That Little Problem With His Eye A Floater, His Optometrist Says Nothing To Worry About Microscopic Bits Of Protein Adrift In The Humor That Cast Shadows On The Retina But Dempsey S Worried For One Thing, Instead Of Dispersing, The Floater Continues To Grow, Occluding His Vision And Causing Disturbing Hallucinations For Another, His Partner, Pinero, Is Behaving Strangely And There S The Suggestion That The Floater May Not Be A Harmless Opthamological Incident But An Emblem That Signals A Peculiar Form Of Vengeance And The Imminence Of A Voodoo God As He Tries To Determine What Is Happening, Dempsey S Investigation Leads Him From Rave Culture To Santeria Ceremonies In Storefront Temples And, Ultimately, To A Circumstance That May Have Cosmic Implications And A Truth That Lies Hidden In The Deepest Sub Basements Of His Own Mind

Brief biographies are, like history texts, too organized to be other than orderly misrepresentations of the truth So when it s written that Lucius Shepard was born in August of 1947 to Lucy and William Shepard in Lynchburg, Virginia, and raised thereafter in Daytona Beach, Florida, it provides a statistical hit and gives you nothing of the difficult childhood from which he frequently attempted to

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  • Paperback
  • 150 pages
  • Floater
  • Lucius Shepard
  • 01 August 2019
  • 9781902880792

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    return return Dempsey hated the mornings before his drugs kicked in From the very first sentence, you know this is going to be something special The protagonist, a New York cop who has recently been acquitted of murder after shooting dead a Haitian immigrant in controversial circumstances, begins to dig deeper into the background of the incident and finds himself enmeshed in a world of strange Caribbean voodoo cults where nothing and nobody are quite what they seem The Floater of the title is a speck of protein in Dempsey s eye, which impedes his vision or perhaps may allow him to see what other people can t return return Shepard s sensuous prose is at its best in the tropical settings of Life in Wartime, Radiant Green Star , Crocodile Rock and The Jaguar Hunter although New York is much further north, he manages to find the required climate for his habitual style in raves, in Santeria ceremonies, and in two memorable scenes set in steam filled bathrooms But even in other settings, the words sing from the page we read of the neon script pizza joint mad cabby hip hop ambiance of millennial rush hour Brooklyn , of rows of apartment buildings with blank reflectionless windows, like the disapproving faces of gigantic maiden aunts hidden behind thick spectacles return return At one point the plot appears to be getting too clever for its own good, as an academic expert who appears to be straight from central casting explains to Dempsey that he is participating in a standard quest narrative But my expectations were blown away almost by the next sentence, and although the story does indeed climax with Dempsey participating in a cosmic conflict, the ending is sufficiently subversive that I actually went to the lengths of contacting the publisher to make sure my copy had been printed correctly return return Of course, I need not have worried This is yet another classy production from PS Publishing, with an introduction by Jeffrey Ford which puts the story in the context of Shepard s other writings Ford thinks that this novella will be considered one of Shepard s best I agree It s a pity that the title will cause sniggers on this side of the Atlantic from the lavatorially minded.

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    This short novel had a good start, and it offered a couple of real gems early on It gets interesting for a while, but in its entirety I thought it was just okay The promise of the dramatic cover art, the inviting tone of the first few chapters, and the image of George Bush waiving to Stevie Wonder, is what I ll gladly take away It seems certain that this story would be entertaining if presented as a half hour TV episode The novelette format, in my opinion, doesn t carry off the effect that author had in mind If we were talking about a choice between presentation formats, I could argue that someone actually made a mistake here Speaking of the author, he seems like a smart man, clear minded and clever, highly articulate and talented, but maybe he knows a few too many words for his own good While I am fresh across the finish line, my first thoughts on FLOATER are about how busy the writing was A few of the word choices were annoying, too Somewhere there must be a list of words that writers should never use, and while only a couple of these are found here, I seemed to mind the occasional jolt.

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    This starts out as weird noir and slowly becomes a visionary piece of fantasy A dark portrait of post 911 New York and plot involving police shootings and Voodoo mythology The handling of imagery, characters, and dialogue makes Shepard seem tailor made for Hollywood except for that fact he is not lobotomized Probably some suit read some of his film reviews.

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