An Epic Swindle

An Epic Swindle Brian Reade is a journalist with the Daily Mirror and I remember enjoying his columns back when I used to read that paper in the smoking room at Safeways not that I smoked, but that s where everyone sat I have a vague memory that he wrote a few colums which annoyed me to the extent that I stopped paying him any attention but after rediscovering him via ourcraig on twitter I thought I should finally check out his take on Liverpool s ownership saga I m glad I did.This book didn t really teach me anything I didn t already know, but it added fat to the meat on the bones of my understanding David Moores was the last of the amateur English chairmen of Liverpool his era was cloaked in cock ups and no true Liverpool fan was displeased to see the back of the man associated with the Souness who sold his story to the S n on an anniversary of Hillsborough , Evans Mr Nice Guy Houllier no Plan B regimes His desparation to find a suitable out led him from one despicable buyer to the next until he fell for the confidence tricks of Messers Gillett Hicks Initially welcomed by naive Liverpool fans who were too keen to separate themselves from the anti Glazer brigade at Old Trafford, the new ownership took a club which had not long since won the European Cup in heroic circumstances and pushed them toward points deduction and relegation under the stewardship of Fleet St favourite Roy Hodgson.Reade narrates the story from the perspective of a well connected die hard fan Interesting snippets include godlike manager Rafael Benitez s despair and paranoia long serving players Carragher and Gerrard and their refusal to speak out and the back story of the passionate campaign by true kopites to kick the cowboys out.The story told in this impressive book could be a case study in any number of other collections be they analyzing capitalism confidence tricks or sports ownership generally The overwhelming feeling is that people involved with the sport are too eager to believe the hype surrounding it and those who are able to see through the hype can either achieve amazing success on the field or can take advantage of the blind to make millions The happy ending so far in this story is that our cowboy owners got too greedy and wouldn t let go of the bone until it fell into the water They are now continuing to try to recoup their losses via the courts. The information was fascinating, the writing was engaging but it just seemed like it tried to hard to be the voice of the lad next to you in the pub. Made an excellent and quick read Reade made a convincing case of how two greedy American businessmen tried to squeeze a venerable sporting institution for every last penny in the hope of making a tidy profit while at the same time, they had staked almost nothing.Reade recounts everything from the brief honeymoon period between the new American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillet and Liverpool FC which they had purchased thanks to financing from RBS to how things started getting ugly after the credit crunch and the owners unable to live up to their sky high promises of an improved stadium and massive transfer funding Reade also tries to be as neutral as possible in the ensuing Anfield Civil War where the owners fell apart and lines were drawn among the manager, the CEO, the Staff, and later on, even among the squad Reade is a passionate Liverpool fan and a Daily Mirror columnist , and presents their side of the story most compellingly How finally, a bunch of passionate Liverpudlians took it upon themselves to get rid of the owners and organised a massive union which mobilized itself to dissuade any company group from refinancing the Americans although they were dubbed internet terrorists by Hicks , and finally, a British High Court ruling had to force the Americans to part with the club because they were both broke and RBS wanted their money back.The message that I took away from the book was that a bunch of passionate, determined people could, with hard work and diligence, bring down two Wall Street spin masters to their knees YNWA Just done with this And add to it Parry coming out of his closet just today If not for a few good things that fell into place, Liverpool football club would have been history Can t help but be thankful to Rafa for being a dick towards them, and FSG Reade s passion is the same as what he showed in the other 44 book And gives you a sort of Layman s explanation to how such huge businesses work and what will go wrong, and what did go wrong in this case Great read for a neutral Terrible to go through it for a Liverpool supporter, if you know what I mean. Important reading for all Liverpool fans showing how low things were and how close it got to going into administration and how off the field civil war had a massive impact on the field Not overly impressed with the writing style This is a valuable piece of journalism for the history of LFC but the author couldn t resist pointless digs at United that just detracted from the importance of the narrative His reference to Martin Broughton as Sir Humphrey Bufton Tufton especially in the chapter where Mr Broughton is seeing off the enemy in the High Court seems a tad unnecessary when he is basically saving the club Nevertheless, excellent especially the bits about the fans involvement. An interesting story written by a local journalist The plot is rather laboured and not enough weight is given to the US businessmen s point of view. Great in sight to how these cowboys nearly destroyed the best club in the world. A reminder how close the club came to disaster under a pair of cowboys, very few people around the club come out well though Broughton undoubtedly does. An Epic Swindle, or to give its full and unexpurgated title An Epic Swindle 44 Months with a Pair of Cowboys is a book written by Daily Mirror columnist and lifelong Liverpool fan Brian Reade the author of another superb book about LFC 44 Years with the Same Bird It tells the story that any Liverpool fan worth their salt are very much aware of about the 44 month tenure of Messer s Hicks and Gillette and a lot else besides It delves into the business practices of both men and the kind of people that they were i.e totally amoral greedy bastards and basically what a gigantic mess and boy what a mess they ultimately made they made of the club, and of plenty of other business ventures besides, some of them sports teams just like our beloved LFC It also tells the story of a how a small group of fans started a concern in the back rooms of a pub which is easily the greatest triumph of the entire story that bought these billionaires to account for their malpractices in their plan for the club, the lies they told, the promises that the failed to keep, all for the sake of making a quick buck for themselves and then bailing out when the club was at its most valuable, which was always their ultimate aim no matter how much they tried to deflect attention away from that If you ever wanted a blueprint for how not to run a football club and how to pull the heart and soul out of a team then this would be the perfect book for you as it would show you exactly how to go about doing such a thing, but it would not tell you how to do it and get away with it If you thought that you knew everything there was to know about the whole kit and caboodle then read this book and think again, because this is the real story and although it is totally biased towards the club which is also one of its strengths and major selling points and against the Yanks of the title, it is a fascinating read that really shows you how close the whole club came to being wound up at one point, and that is a really scary fact considering what has just happened to Glasgow Rangers Pick this book up and read it, I can assure you that you won t regret it if you have any interest in Liverpool Football Club. This Book Tells, Through The Personal Experiences And Insights Of The Key People Involved, The True Horror Of Tom Hicks And George Gillett S Disastrous Month Reign At Anfield It Will Tell How Two Men Who Knew Nothing About Football, And Whose Only Ambition Was Turning A Fast Buck, Managed To Take Over Liverpool

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