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Glenn Ford Glenn Ford Star Of Such Now Classic Films As Gilda, Blackboard Jungle, The Big Heat, To Yuma, And The Rounders Had Rugged Good Looks, A Long And Successful Career, And A Glamorous Hollywood Life Yet The Man Who Could Be Accessible And Charming On Screen Retreated To A Deeply Private World He Created Behind Closed Doors Glenn Ford A Life Chronicles The Volatile Life, Relationships, And Career Of The Renowned Actor, Beginning With His Move From Canada To California And His Initial Discovery Of Theater It Follows Ford S Career In Diverse Media From Film To Television To Radio And Shows How Ford Shifted Effortlessly Between Genres, Playing Major Roles In Dramas, Noir, Westerns, And Romances This Biography By Glenn Ford S Son, Peter Ford, Offers An Intimate View Of A Star S Private And Public Life Included Are Exclusive Interviews With Family, Friends, And Professional Associates, And Snippets From The Ford Family Collection Of Diaries, Letters, Audiotapes, Unpublished Interviews, And Rare Candid Photos This Biography Tells A Cautionary Tale Of Glenn Ford S Relentless Infidelities And Long, Slow Fade Out, But It Also Embraces His Talent Driven Career The Result Is An Authentic Hollywood Story That Isn T Afraid To Reveal The TruthBest Books For General Audiences, Selected By The American Association Of School Librarians Best Books For General Audiences, Selected By The Public Library Reviewers

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Glenn Ford book, this is one of the most wanted Peter Ford author readers around the world.

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  • 02 July 2019
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    Great to read a another autobiography from another legend of the 40 s, 50 s and 60 s.A true great western star, who enjoyed playing in his favourite genre westerns.He also starred in many great gritty thrillers, comedies and .Who is better to tell the life story of Glenn Ford than his son Peter Ford.I was personally a member of Glenn Ford web site run by Glenn Ford in his later years, seeing pictures of Glenn at home with his son, daughter in law and grandchildren.This book by Peter open your eyes to Glenn Ford s real life, the person behind the cameras, his private life that often was not private.Great stories of his co stars, his friends, his holidays, his travelling, his love of making films, his very active private life his roving eye even when married His love of woman.The great films he made throughout his career, the long friendships he made, the marriages, the very sad decline in health especially his mind.How he was fooled in later life by, for a better word gold diggers , his mind taken away from him with severe health issues.The surely could not have been an easy book for Peter to write as he was a very volatile and difficult person to live with a very different to the onscreen personality we all saw.A great underrated actor who never was appreciated by the Academy Awards , never winning a Life Achievement Award, never winning an Academy Award, but starring in some true classics.A private life that was filled with many affairs, relentless infidelities, lots of marriages.Peter you had a hard childhood, but also great memories, meeting so many film stars at your home, but also the sad late years.A great book with details that most biographies told honestly.Lived to a great age, but not really in great health the last few years, sadly too many legal battles.Five stars.

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    I ve been awaiting this book for several years, and it did not disappoint Peter Ford has succeeded in not only telling his father s life story with Glenn s encouragement, and by the help of the diaries that were kept for so many years , but also in paying a very respectful homage to Ford s long career from the late 30s to the 90s, Glenn Ford worked until his health no longer allowed it.From his early years in Canada to his breakthrough into films and up until the end of his life, Glenn Ford seemed to be endlessly searching for the kind of unconditional love that he got from his devoted mother Sadly, many of his romantic relationships fell short of this expectation, and he often took things for granted Four failed marriages and later a growing dependency on alcohol shadowed his life, and his career and stardom came with a price In the studio era, the long hours the stars worked, as well as the publicity junkets and tours, meant that family life was sacrificed for the sake of the industry Peter s story of his distant and sometimes difficult relationship with his father was sadly not uncommon It was very hard, if not impossible for a film star and their offspring of that time to have normal parent child relationships, and given the demands and temptations of that era, it left little time or patience to deal with the realities of relating to their spouses and children Peter s mother was the highly talented and lovely Eleanor Powell, who gave up her career to be a wife and mother but once Peter arrived she pretty much was a parent and nothing Glenn began to feel excluded and even at times was jealous of his own child His infidelities may have been out of frustration due to the situation at home but there was no doubt he loved women and they loved him Another reviewer commented that he may have been bi polar while there s no medical proof to verify that it s certainly possible Peter said his father could be a Jekyll and Hyde Both Glenn and Eleanor were very close to their mothers and both matriarchs were a strong force in the marriage as well, which added some interesting dynamics to the Ford Powell household I don t doubt however that Eleanor was a wonderful person who was the very definition of what a mother should be She seemed much happier being married to God as she put it in her later years It was touching to know that before she passed away from cancer she and Glenn shared a long goodbye over the telephone.There were many women in Ford s life, some relationships were serious than others, but he spoke highly of several of his female co stars and former loves Maria Schell and Hope Lange were two women that he was deeply in love with but neither relationship ended in marriage, which he regretted Geraldine Brooks, Judy Garland, Gene Tierney and Marilyn Monroe touched him deeply and he wished that things had turned out differently for them and that he had of a chance to know them But his most important relationship with a woman besides his beloved mother Hannah was with his five time costar, friend and sometime lover, Rita Hayworth It was perhaps one of the deepest bonds he had in his life, that survived so many years and significant others In an interview in the late 1980s he stated that he was in love Rita, so it appears that their on screen chemistry was very real and they were an important part of one another s lives Ford remained a devoted friend and neighbor to Hayworth before her declining health due to Alzheimer s disease made it necessary for her daughter to move her to New York where she could supervise her mother s care Glenn was a pallbearer at Rita s funeral and to the day he died kept a framed picture of her in his bedroom.To this day, Ford is very underrated and underappreciated as an actor, which may be due to the fact that he seemed so natural on the screen, but knowing about him on a personal level makes me appreciate even how talented and driven he was Whether in westerns his favorite genre , film noir, comedy, action war, dramas or thrillers, Ford never gave a disappointing performance He was the top box office draw in 1958 he had left Columbia, his home studio a few years earlier and signed with MGM , which proves he was popular and well known, yet it is strange that he is not given the recognition he deserves today He should have been given a Lifetime Achievement Award but requests fell on deaf ears It s a shame because he deserved one for all his contributions to film.Peter shows his father s good and bad qualities, without a tinge of bitterness or resentment, although it is clear he would have liked to have had a closer relationship with is dad His love for both of his parents shines through, and his tone is respectful and never demeaning As an adult, Peter chose to become his father s friend and number one fan, rather than going down a self destructive path as he saw many of his contemporaries end up at the point of no return Determined not become another Hollywood tragedy, Peter made a mature and wise decision that not only helped put his life on a positive path but also helped him achieve the goal of love and family.There are many things about Glenn to admire he could be a kind and generous person in some respects, with life long friendships and many of his friends were interviewed and gave insight and charity work, yet he could seem moody and distant to those closest to him At times you feel sad for him that he didn t always appreciate what he had, that he wasn t able to show his love for his son, and that he never seemed to find the love that he was searching for, although as Peter said in an interview, he found happiness in Rita s arms and continued to do so for many years It is also very disheartening to see how he was taken advantage of when his health began to fail by fortune hunters, but his son and daughter in law fought back and ultimately won the battle, cared for Glenn in his last years, and provided him with security as well grandchildren who brought him joy.I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Peter a few times, and it s clear that he respects his father s fans and honors his father s life and career This book is a wonderful read, a great achievement and a must have for any Glenn Ford fan.

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    Glenn Ford was a under appreciated actor with a career spanning over 50 years He starred in such classic films as Blackboard Jungle, 3 10 to Yuma, Gilda, and the Rounders His rugged good looks and tough, straight acting made many a western film what it was In 1958, he was rated number one at the box office by the Quigley Publishing Company s Poll of Film Exhibitors and was consistently ranked highly from 1955 1962 And yet this actor who seemed to always have a project going throughout his acting career never collected an Oscar, never was recognized for a Life Time Achievement Award, and was never even recognized by his native Canada because, in the words of his son Peter, The people in charge of the Toronto Hall of Fame where native Canadians are honored said they had never heard of him In his acting career, Ford was a quiet, dedicated actor who made the most of his roles even in films that are now long forgotten His fellow actors remember him as a colleague who would always help them orient themselves in a scene or with a character, or, for those just starting in the business, within the business itself He was a man driven to act and, perhaps, continued acting long after most celebrities would have rested on their laurels Despite the lack of recognition from award granting entities, he had a large body of fine work upon which to rest.The face that Ford s public and co stars saw, wasn t always the same as the private one Glenn Ford Life is a very honest and open biography by Ford s son Peter It presents the many sides of Ford from humble beginnings through his rise to celebrity, from fairly inept father to yearning, but unfaithful husband to non stop ladies man and romantic adventurer Using exclusive interviews with family, friends, and colleagues as well as pieces from the family collection of diaries, letters, audiotapes and photos, Peter Ford presents his father as the great and flawed human being that he was The result is a biography that gives the reader all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood with a balance of hard hitting truth.First posted on my blogMy Reader s Block Please request permission before reposting Thanks.

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    Very good Glenn Ford was always good looking, I suspected he was womanizer But I do so love his movies I love the way the book went through his movies and a little story about when they were made I wrote down some on the names so I can see them It s funny how some people have every thing and realized it Glenn Ford was one of these people The book was very good and I recommend it Iove the way the book went through his movies and had a little story that occurred during filming I even wrote down some of the movies I haven t seen and would like to It s funny how some people have everything in life, a rich and rewarding life, and are not able to see it Glenn Ford was one of these people.

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    Very interesting biography of Glenn Ford warts and all I love him as an actor but I was shocked to read about his personal life and particular his troubled relationship with his son, Peter Ford who is the author of this book Before reading this book and watching of his movies during TCM s salute to him as Star of the Month for July 2019, I thought he always played nice and or heroic characters However, he played parts in Gilda and 3 10 to Yuma who were questionable, deeply flawed and or mean characters in 3 10 to Yuma the villain A very enjoyable and fascinating book.

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    If you like movies from the 40s, 50s and 60s, and followed the movie stars of those times, then you will definitely enjoy this book The story takes the reader backstage into the private life of Glenn Ford and a number of film stars, producers and directors.

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    I m a big Glenn Ford fan but I thought this book was a bit boring But it was well told and an interesting read No holes barred Maybe I m not into biographies as much as I thought If you re a Ford fan it s a must read.

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    Very interesting getting to know Glenn My interest started by watching him in old movies He s really a great actor and im sorry i didn t realize that until he was gone.

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    The biographies of classic Hollywood stars were actually what led me to the library in the first place I m revisiting that genre and decided to start with Glenn Ford Glenn Ford, A Life seemed an intriguing biography given that it was written by Ford s son, Peter I just love the photo selected for the cover of the book, which tells so much the era in which Ford made movies I was pleased with the easy writing style that was conversational, but still informative Given how many movies Ford was in and how many people he interacted with, I was relieved to see that Peter was able to quickly relay enough background information to give context to these events without launching into a tangent on irrelevant issues Gwyllyn, as he was born, is to me an extremely underrated and overlooked star I always think it is funny to hear about the struggles stars had early in their careers Ford wrestled with unsympathetic bosses, bad jobs, and poverty before he even though about becoming an actor Once he did, many, many people said no to him before he achieved stardom Ford was a product of the Columbia studio system, which meant he did not have control over which movies he was in He finally managed to break his contract when the studio failed to abide by its obligations Like me, audiences found Ford a genuine person who looked out for his costars Despite being very likable, he somehow never got the kind of recognition that other stars like William Holden did.I found it commendable that Peter wrote about his father in what I found to be an objective way He addressed his parent s marriage, his own upbringing, and both the good and bad decisions his father made Ford came across as a dashing and honest man, so it was surprising to me that he got swept up in the celebrity of Hollywood He cheated on his wife Eleanor Powell, a star well known for her tap dancing ability, with Rita Hayworth and several other stars.The quotes from Ford and his contemporaries that appeared in the book gave this a personal touch, adding to how much I liked this biography My first exposure to Ford was in the popular movie Gilda with Rita Hayworth, which I intend to watch again now that I understand the off screen relationship between the two stars.Please read of my reviews on my blog follow me on twitter at dana_heyde

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    Considering that this book was written by the son of its subject, a famous and beloved Hollywood star, it is surprisingly objective, well researched, and well written Achieving even one of those qualities in a book one writes about a parent is unlikely To pull off all three is something of a miracle I have read a good many biographies of actors by family members, and there is almost always a tendency either to elevate or to demonize beyond objectivity, with the writer s bias flying hard in the breeze Peter Ford, however, has managed to show his father in a loving light without ever giving the impression that he is sweeping skeletons out of the closet and under the rug Glenn Ford comes off as a wonderful man and simultaneously as a most difficult, moody, and petty man, and it is to Peter Ford s credit that his star father comes off human, likable, and admirable even as his behavior is depicted as at times reprehensible It s a delicate balancing act, and not, it seems, one designed in order to be balanced, but rather in order to clarify the balancing act that Glenn Ford worked unconsciously to maintain in his life Adding to the pleasures of the book is the fact that Ford fils has done serious research into his father s career, not content to rely on either family stories or vague remembrances to support his depiction of his father s professional life As a film historian myself, I look closely at such books to see where they diverge from the kind of facts that only researchers know, and Peter Ford has an academic s eye for verifying his facts That he writes in an engaging and completely humble fashion is an unexpected and added bonus Glenn Ford maintained a long career that included real cultural milestones in movie history, and while he is overshadowed by the iconography of some of his contemporaries, he richly deserves a well wrought biography This most certainly is it.

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