Jo's Boys, and How They Turned Out: A Sequel to "Little Men"

Jo's Boys, and How They Turned Out: A Sequel to "Little Men" Beginning Ten Years After Little Men, Jo S Boys Revisits Plumfield, The New England School Still Presided Over By Jo And Her Husband, Professor Bhaer Jo Remains At The Center Of The Tale, Surrounded By Her Boys Including Rebellious Dan, Sailor Emil, And Promising Musician Nat As They Experience Shipwreck And Storm, Disappointment And Even Murder Bantam Classics Synopsis

A.M Barnard Behind a Mask, or a Woman s Power 1866 The Abbot s Ghost, or Maurice Treherne s Temptation 1867 A Long Fatal Love Chase 1866 first published 1995 First published anonymously A Modern Mephistopheles 1877 Louisa May Alcott was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania on November 29, 1832 She and her three sisters, Anna, Elizabeth and May were educated by their father, philosopher teacher, Bronson Alcott and raised on the practical Christianity of their mother, Abigail May.Louisa spent her childhood in Boston and in Concord, Massachusetts, where her days were enlightened by visits to Ralph Waldo Emerson s library, excursions into nature with Henry David Thoreau and theatricals in the barn at Hillside now Hawthorne s Wayside.Like her character, Jo March in Little Women, young Louisa was a tomboy No boy could be my friend till I had beaten him in a race, she claimed, and no girl if she refused to climb trees, leap fences For Louisa, writing was an early passion She had a rich imagination and often her stories became melodramas that she and her sisters would act out for friends Louisa preferred to play the lurid parts in these plays, the villains, ghosts, bandits, and disdainful queens At age 15, troubled by the poverty that plagued her family, she vowed I will do something by and by Don t care what, teach, sew, act, write, anything to help the family and I ll be rich and famous and happy before I die, see if I won t Confronting a society that offered little opportunity to women seeking employment, Louisa determined I will make a battering ram of my head and make my way through this rough and tumble world Whether as a teacher, seamstress, governess, or household servant, for many years Louisa did any work she could find.Louisa s career as an author began with poetry and short stories that appeared in popular magazines In 1854, when she was 22, her first book Flower Fables was published A milestone along her literary path was Hospital Sketches 1863 based on the letters she had written home from her post as a nurse in Washington, DC as a nurse during the Civil War.When Louisa was 35 years old, her publisher Thomas Niles in Boston asked her to write a book for girls Little Women was written at Orchard House from May to July 1868 The novel is based on Louisa and her sisters coming of age and is set in Civil War New England Jo March was the first American juvenile heroine to act from her own individuality a living, breathing person rather than the idealized stereotype then prevalent in children s fiction.In all, Louisa published over 30 books and collections of stories She died on March 6, 1888, only two days after her father, and is buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord.

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    The book, ladies and gentlemen I very much tried to make everything chronological Anything that isn t, such as Josie whining about acting or whenever the Professor decides to grace the world with his presence, is completely due to my lack of remembrance and also my utter lack of desire to go back through the entire book, rather than skimming for the important bits, as I am already doing Professor chortles Plumfield If everybody could just stop acting in plays here, that d be great.Nan ERMAGERSH I WANT TO BE A SINGLE DOCTOR LEAVE ME ALONE TOMTom But I love you.Me Damn, they d be a cute couple.Mrs Jo I shall sit down for a few quiet minutes of writing.Random citizens LET S MOB THE AUTHOR, DEMAND AUTOGRAPHS, AND STEAL SMALL TRINKETS Mrs Jo I ve had just about enough of this pretends to be a maid Observant fanatic WHY YOU MUST BE THAT AUTHOR.Mrs Jo objects on principle that she s pretending to be a maid Observant fanatic No, you re not Your picture is right there, on the side table Mrs Jo sullen glare Josie whines about acting Mrs Jo STOP TRYING TO MAKE ACTING HAPPEN, JOSIE IT S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.Dan arrives All the ladies swoon Me Oh, wow, these next two chapters are boring.Ted I ll just try and kill this here dog For fun Because I suck.Rob gets bit defending dog and might get rabies from Don, who probably doesn t have rabies but how are they to know that Don definitely has rabies Nan Why are the women always fixing your messes Oh, that s right, because we re better than you are Ugh.Professor I say, what a jolly good joke.Mrs Jo Hahahahahahahaha, why aren t we punishing Ted, dearest Professor Because I m a worthless character I m not even sure why I m in this book or why you re married to me chortles Mrs Jo Oh Right.Josie almost drowns but totally succeeds in getting an actress to watch her act at a later date Josie Totes worth it coughs up water Josie tries to act Miss Cameron You re cute but I don t hold out much hope for your acting abilities Miss Cameron glorifies Shakespeare Me le sigh Tom Um I fear I have accidentally gotten myself engaged Mrs Jo WHA Tom BUT SHE S PRETTY, SO IT S OKAY I M OKAY IT S FINE.Mrs Jo I m sorry, wha Tom No, really I m embarrassed, sure, and lamenting that Nan isn t jealous, but I can live with this.Mrs Jo But how on earth did you manage to get accidentally engaged Tom.Tom It involved bicycles.Me Well, there goes that ship.Demi gets a job or something but no one really cares Emil I m so THANKFUL that I got shipwrecked with this gorgeous girl who I got to save and spend all this time with because we literally got shipwrecked, and yeah sure, there are other people on this tiny boat but the important bit is that we re totally getting engaged by the end of this book all thanks to this shipwreck BESTSHIPWRECKEVERDan kills someone Professor chortles Of course, he couldn t have known that Dan killed someone There was something amusing in the paper Dan rots in prison Nat does something musically inclined over the New Year or something but no one really cares Plumfield SERIOUSLY WHAT S WITH ALL THE PLAYS Chapter 16 All I am is flirting Mrs Jo There ll be none of Chapter 16 FLIRTMrs Jo that.Chapter 16 YOU CAN T STOP THE FLIRT.Mrs Jo glares Chapter 16 whimpers Chapter 17 I am a large sewing circle and some education and I am all about the girls yay feebly waves flag Chapter 18 Um, I m not really sure what Class Day is all about, but Emil comes back here, announcing his engagement so that s cool.Emil BESTSHIPWRECKEVERDan I am home And also damaged But maybe a better person Hard to tell.Dan Also, I think I am in love with Bess Me They would also be a cute couple Maybe if they got together, this book wouldn t have been the biggest waste of my time Mrs Jo Oh, dear heavens, no Her mum isn t fond of you.Dan spends years loving Bess, his guiding star, until he dies Louisa s ghost Haha, did you see what I did there Any hope you ever had of anyone getting together with whom they should get together DIED along with Dan hahaha.Me Go away, you re dead.Louisa s ghost AND SO S YOUR HOPE fades away laughing manically THE END.

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    My A Z challenge for the year with the lovely and vivacious Karly and Kristin has officially begun A is for AlcottRead a book that is over 100 years oldLet the games begin.I always find that reviewing an Alcott book is a bit difficult I kind of have a love hate relationship with her I read Little Women only a few years ago at the request of my mother who loved it, but didn t like the other two books in the series And honestly, I agree with her Little Women though moralistic and preachy, is a very beautiful and tender story about the lives of four sisters and how those lives grow and change every year, into adulthood, and marriage, and motherhood, but that sisterly bond that they have remains strong and steadfast despite the change and distance time has placed on it Little Men is basically about the students at the school that Jo and her husband have founded, and though there are some sweet and touching moments in that one, I found the complete and utter lack of an ongoing plot rather boring, and as most of the stories contained in it are about the everyday lives of children, I found the whole thing kind of dull Now in Jo s Boys, the preaching and moralistic side of Alcott is in full force, but I admit, I enjoyed this one much better than the second installment I will break it down into Pros and Cons.PROs I still love Jo She is such an intelligent and witty character, and Alcott has always written her with a lot of depth Her relationship with her much older husband, Fritz, is absolutely beautifully portrayed here, and I think their brief tender moments beat out any Nicholas Sparks insta love romance fest any day The way she cares for the boys and girls at the college she founded is very sweet, and her relationships with many of them are actually very endearing She was by a mile, my favorite part of this book.Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan I absolutely love the character of Dan, who was the iconic bad boy of Book 2 We see him as an adult in this one, and I completely fell in love with his rugged outdoorsy good looks, and his boyish charm He still has the bad boy thing going on, but Dan has matured, and has a strong will to do something positive with his life, one that his adoptive mother, Jo, can be proud of him for I longed to read his chapters, and I only wish he were a bigger presence in this book.There is much of a ongoing plot in this one, unlike Little Men, even though stories of each character make up that plot I found it much engaging, and a lot less boring that its predecessor.I loved Amy and Laurie s daughter Bess and Meg s daughter Josie, and thought they were amazing counterparts to younger Amy and Jo from book 1 Bess is a wonderful artist and Josie is a very talented actress, and I love that Alcott wrote about two such female characters who pursued and were successful in the arts, particularly during a time when women were not as successful in those endeavors.Ok, now for the CONSI really really really don t like what Alcott did to Meg s character I admit that Meg was always my least favorite of the Little Women, but she is so god awful in this one I wanted to punch her in the face She is so moralistic and preachy, and wants her children to be and do exactly what she wants them to do and not what they want to do She forbids Daisy to marry Nat even though THEY HAVE LOVED EACH OTHER FOR TEN YEARS, simply because Nat isn t rich enough for Daisy Last time I checked, didn t Meg marry a poor man when her family didn t want her to And she keeps insisting on a career for Demi that she wants even though Demi obviously wants other things But Demi, always the dutiful son, wants to please his mother than he wants to be happy Barf Barf Barf I wanted Meg to die.Adult Amy is SO BORING She makes Lissa from Vampire Academy look like Amy Poehler view spoiler Seriously Why is Dan not good enough for Bess They OBVIOUSLY loved each other I could tell during the first 10% that there was a major love interest for these two And its kind of a beauty and the beast thing which could have been awesome, and beautiful, and pure But NO Dan is not good enough for perfect Bess who needs someone with wealth and status and power I would have loved sweet Bess to tame Wild Dan a bit..but Dan could have given some zest to her as well, taken her out west to paint beautiful landscapes And these two could have been really happy together I saw a whole ending planned out for the two of them I kept believing it would work But no, Alcott had to take what was left of my romantic impulses and smash them BOO HISS Instead Bess ends up marrying some nameless schmuck and Dan ends up dying alone and unmarried I almost dropped a star because of this hide spoiler

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    Jo s Boys is my personal favourite in the Little Women series The book really touched me on an emotional level, especially Dan s story line and I was a little sad that he did not get a conventional happy ending like the other boys did.

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    A long, sometimes tedious, but almost always charming epilogue to Little Women and Little Men Alcott wrote it in 1886, eighteen years after Little Women and two years before her death She must have known, feeling the effects of mercury poisoning from her time as a Civil War nurse, that the lights were really going out, the curtain about to fall.In this book Alcott continues to find a platform for her ideas, including women s suffrage, co education, rehabilitation for criminals, and temperance, and makes a mini Republic out of Plumfield where they can play out Also interesting were Jo s troubles with being a famous writer, which must have echoed Alcott s This is the only book in the series that often strays from New England out west, to London, to a shipwreck at sea and these parts seemed to be either very sparingly drawn or leaning toward melodramatic It took some suspension of disbelief to read about Emil s shipwreck and daring heroism, and Dan s rescue of twenty men from a flooded mine.Still, I though Jo s Boys gave an interesting window into Alcott s ideas and the changing world of the late 19th century the telephone and camera both make apperances It s hard not to read it as a what could have been, given the differences between the characters and the people on which Alcott based them By the time she wrote Jo s Boys, two of Alcott s sisters had died, one had lost a husband, and Alcott herself had never gotten married.This was a compelling read for me, though, for its famliar characters and the world it created for them than for its literary genius, and I felt a little sad at the end knowing the curtain had indeed closed on the March family.

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    Finally I started reading this as soon as I finished Little Men, but didn t really get into so put it down for a few months Around page 150 I suddenly got hooked on the stories within the book because every chapter in an Alcott novel has its own individual plot and read a few chapters every day until I finished it It s obvious at the end that it s the last book she ll write about the March family as the last page lists what happens to every character which is a bit sad, as Alcott s novels are always such sweet, simple reads Luckily I have Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom on my bookcase to read I once read the synopsis of one of Alcott s older, less popular novels on , and it was described as a collection of wholesome and moralistic stories which I think is a perfect description of Jo s Boys A lot of people these days don t like stories which have meanings and morals, but I do I guess I m kind of old fashioned in that way I would love to live in a family similar to that of Jo March s 9 10

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    The women of England can vote, and we can t I m ashamed of America that she isn t ahead in all good things He disfrutado la novela, me ha encantado ver como han crecido sus peque os protagonistas Creo que este libro mejora algunos aspectos con respecto al tercero de la saga, Little men , hay mucho m s presencia femenina, mujeres fuertes que reivindican la igualdad de sexos Eso s , tenemos que tener en cuenta que es un cl sico y que fue publicado en 1886, as que tampoco le pidamos peras al olmo que nos encontramos tanto mujeres que estudiaban medicina y se labraban una profesi n, como mujeres que suspiraban por casarse, tener hijos y ser amas de casa Es un libro que me ha entretenido, me ha hecho re r en algunas ocasiones y que me ha entristecido en otras Creo que el tercer cap tulo es uno de mis favoritos as como el personaje de Nan, que al igual que en el anterior libro me parece que est un tanto desaprovechado.

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    I just finished reading the entire series of the March family and their descendants I homeschool and picked up Little Men for inspiration I gleaned so many wonderful insights for educating young children, finding our personal missions and following your bliss In reading the entire series, I get a vision of what I want our lives to look like as I raise my children and the kind of experiences I want them to have It is easy to involve yourself in the lives of the people in these books because you know a Meg or a Beth or you are a Jo There is sweetness, sentiment and TRUTH throughout It is uplifting and inspiring and you will be a better person for having read it.

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    I grew to love all the characters in Little Men, so one is bound to love this one just as much There s plenty of laughter and fun in this book The end bit has some emotional scenes with wandering Dan and I would have loved to see him happy Ah, but that is life A lovely read.

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    This was a great conclusion of the Little Women series by Louisa May Alcott If you enjoyed Little Men, you will enjoy Jo s Boys as it tells what happens to the boys of Plumfield as they get older Definitely check the whole Little Women series out as they are all a joy to read.

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    The last sentence of this book had me in tears And now having endeavored to suit every one by many weddings, few deaths, and as much prosperity as the eternal fitness of things will permit, let the music stop, the lights die out, and the curtain fall forever on the March family Its sad to say goodbye to a family that I ve come to know and love in this past year Jo has become somewhat of a mentor to me after reading Little Men and Jo s Boys and so, yes, I m somewhat emotional that I ve finished this saga regarding the March family I remember when I read Little Women, I felt a little disloyal to my beloved L.M Montgomery because I instantly felt I needed to jostle Anne over to make room at the very top of my favorite books list for Little Womennow I can say that I feel that way about all three of the March books.

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