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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Sefer ha-zohar
  • Anonymous
  • English
  • 21 November 2017
  • 9780809123872

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    No book in Judaism is subject to misperception than The Zohar, the central text of Kabbalah,Contrary to popular perception, The Zohar is not a coherent explanation of Kabbalistic thought.Rather, The Zohar is simply a commentary on the Torah, albeit a mystical one.Today, even your neighborhood Barnes and Nobles stocks several books with Kabbalistic themes But for a peek at the real Zohar, it s hard to beat scholar Gershom Scholem s slender Zohar The Book of Splendor While Scholem wrote a valuable 17 page introduction, the meat of his book is 35 short excerpts of The Zohar, none important than the final one.Taken from Zohar III 152a, the selection called The Hidden Meaning of the Torah reminds us to dig deep below the surface of the stories in the Five Books of Moses.The verse states, Just as wine must be a in a jar to keep, so the Torah must be contained in an outer garment That garment is made up of the tales and stories but we, we are bound to penetrate beyond The Zohar penetrates beyond In the 99 pages of The Zohar The Book of Splendor , anyone can complete a trip beyond over the course of a single Shabbat.Just don t expect to emerge with a full understanding of Kabbalah.

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    If you want to get acquainted with the most important kabbalistic treatise, but don t want to carry around huge volumes of the book, this is the perfect choice with introduction of wonderful Gershom Sholem and selections of the book.If you re not familiar with that at all, it s important to mark Zohar is not a straightforward book of rules for life or a book of mystical formulas It s a kind of Medieval midrash, in a sense, that parts of written Torah are interpreted and pondered upon Homilies are not always easy to read, but most are very poetic and deserve deeper attention.Some quotes And if the man, being so warned, yet transgresses against his Master, then that day in which he transgressed ascends in shame and stands isolated outside, bearing witness, and remains thus until the man repents If the man turns to righteosness, the day goes back to its postition, but if not, then it goes to join the outer spirit and returns to its dwelling and then takes on the very same shape as the man, so as to plague him each a throne supported by four columns, with six steps to the throne in all, ten Altogether, the throne is like the cup of benediction about which ten statements are made in the Talmud , harmonious with the Torah which was given in Ten WOrds the Decalogue , and with the Ten Words by which the world was created.What serpent flies in the air with an ant lying quietly between its teeth What commences in union and ends up in separation What eagle has its nest in a tree that does not exist and its young plundered by creatures not yet created, in a place which is not But later, men abandoned the road of faith and left behind a singular tree which looms high over all trees, and adhered to the place which is continually shifting from one hue to another, from good to evil and evil to good, and they descended from on high and adhered below to the uncertain, and deserted the supreme and changeless One.

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    This small volume will have fulfilled it s task if it s succeeds in conveying to the reader the notion of the power of contemplative fantasy and creative imagery hidden within the seemingly abstruse thinking of the Kabbalists xxiii Whilst I was sorely disappointed when I realised that Kabbalah didn t hold the secrets to the perennial questions of existence, but rather contained a dry scholarly discussion of the Torah, this book did have a couple of interesting and poetic lines here and there This is only a brief selection of the mammoth Zohar, which is between 5 and 12 volumes depending on translation, and it s simply an introduction with some of the readable and interesting parts, it s really not meant for anything other than to give you a slice of what Kabbalah has to offer For me this wasn t particularly interesting, despite the ouvre and popular image of Kabbalah However I would recommend it for people who want to get a foot in Kabblah, although I d first advise reading the Bible or Torah, which I ve yet to do.

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    a lot of this was definitely confusing to me because i basically grew up on a different planet when it comes to religion my parents are very very secular but there were still lots of parts i enjoyed and i want to read so that s something i guess my favourite section was The Stars

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    I forgot that I went through this last summer I didn t read it, exactly, but I did what I could Very interesting the way the scholars carve up syntax, turning relative pronouns into questions and prepositional phrases into nouns Suffice it to say I m not a mystic, so I found the method interesting than the matter mad reading, creative reading.

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    This has been on my shelf for a while The star rating is, of course, wholly meaningless when applied to this kind of text Baffling, frustrating, but occasionally illuminating One to come back to when I m better informed.

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    This book was full of very deep and insightful parables about the spiritual world, for lack of a non weird way of putting it It is often in the form of two rabbis speaking to one another about mysterious things like God and the soul There is a good deal of Biblical exegesis, but it is not concerned exclusively with Biblical narratives, but at deeper meanings that the narratives orbit around A really wonderful book, with excellent translations by Scholem.

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    Not sure how to rate a book like this Some concepts are interesting but rely rather heavily on myth associated with the Torah It doesn t make for great reading but beginning to seek the depths of this mystical practice is intriguing enough to give it a look.

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