Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You

Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill YouI Hadn T Really Thought Of My Breasts As Problem Breasts It Made Them Sound Like Children Who Wouldn T Behave No Bra Was Going To Keep These Babies A Secret And Those Tips For The Full Figured Girl In The Magazines Please Even NASA Couldn T Design A Tank Suit To Camouflage My ProportionsKayla Callaway Has Been Studying Ballet Since She Learned To Walk, And Her Heart Is Set On A Future In The Dance World She S Sure She Ll Get A Solo Part In Cinderella, The Spring Ballet At Her High SchoolBut When The Parts Are Finally Posted, Kayla Is Shocked That She S Only Landed A Role As A Stepsister And An Ugly One, At That The Brutal Truth Ballet And Big Boobs Don T Mix Suddenly Kayla S Dream For The Future Has Become A Real Life Fractured Fairy TaleTo Make Matters Worse, Bloodred Pointe Shoes With Threatening Messages Start Popping Up All Over School When Kayla Learns That She Ll Be Wearing Red Pointe Shoes In The Ballet, She Wonders If The Messages Are Meant For Her But Who Are They From And Important What Do They Mean

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  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You
  • Dorian Cirrone
  • English
  • 03 September 2019
  • 9780060557027

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    Mildly entertaining, but that s about it The characters were very stereotypical and 2 dimensional, the writing was mediocre and the plot was extremely lacking, probably because it was just a thin disguise for The Moral one thing I cannot abide in YA fiction The issues that this novel was trying to deal with censorship, body image self acceptance were handled very clumsily and without any real depth The whole mystery with the red shoes and threatening messages was mildly promising, but quickly turned out to be a simple misunderstanding Boring I could see what D Cirrone was trying to do by making Kayla decide NOT to have breast reduction surgery and pursue a different career path instead of following her dreams of becoming a principal dancer Be yourself Accept your body the way it is I get that But it didn t make sense in the story, because Kayla was a gifted dancer who had always dreamed of dancing professionally and had the talent and determination to do it she loved dancing than anything but admitted her breast size made it painful and difficult her parents were willing and able for her to have the surgery but left the decision up to her Having breast surgery for vanity or low self esteem reasons is one thing, but in those particular circumstances, I would say have the surgery Follow your dreams Don t throw in the towel because of some vague sugar coated propaganda about your large breasts being part of who you are This is real life, not Glee.Of course I could just be biased because I too have mama jugs that are the bane of my existence heavy, painful on the back, difficult to find bras clothes that fit etc etc so the whole time I was thinking Yes, do it Have them off so that I can live vicariously through you and was disappointed when she didn t It s a shame, really, because a realistic exploration of a teenager having breast reduction surgery would ve been a really interesting read.A final gripe the characters all had stupid names Gray Paterson It s petty, but I felt irritated every time I read them.

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    It was a quick, light read Something nice and easy after books like Clockwork Angel and Nightshade However, it was ultimately disappointing.Okay, I admit, I picked this up solely because I m a dancer and it s a book about a dancer And it seemed like it was going to be a funny murder mystery, which would be a nice change of pace Unfortunately, it wasn t a murder, and there was little mystery Kayla, a big boobed ballerina, ended up only getting the part of Cinderella s evil stepsister in the school performance despite being the best dancer in her year, though she did get to be Cinderella s understudy Then there are some death threats saying that dancing in red shoes will kill you hence the title , there s some drama about her bust size, her artist of a sister is outraged about censorship, and there s a new boy at school whom, of course, Kayla is falling for To make a long, meandering story short, the death threats are a part of a misguided art project, the evil principal who was the source of the censorship pretty much wins, and Kayla decides she likes her bust size It seemed like every mini plot, as there didn t seem to be one big plot, fell far short of the potential they had It wasn t a bad book, badly written, or a bad read It was simply disappointing.

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    The title and the plot of the story drew me to this title Kayla is a ballerina who feels sometimes inadequate for ballet because of her large breasts She has a rival who always finds a way to poke fun at her, an artistic and outspoken older sister, a gay best friend who also dances ballet, and a love interest who just moved to her school from New York The story goes pretty fast, yet it took me 2 weeks to get through the book I just didn t ever feel like I connected with Kayla I wanted to, but the story didn t compel me to It was a pretty light read, with all the loose ends tied up at the end At first there was a lot made of the rivalry between Kayla and Melissa, but in the end it was never really resolved or addressed I did like that Kayla did not conform to the pressures of being a flat chested ballerina, but the story just didn t pull me in.

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    This book was utterably forgettable The plot wasn t too good The only reason why I gave this book as many as 2 stars is that it sometimes had odd moments of humor The narrator, Kayla, was kinda repetitive She just kept going on about her boobs I loved Kayla s gay best friend, Joey He was so funny and realistic I didn t like her crush, Gray though He was kinda odd Anyway, there are better books out there WAY better And ones that don t use words that describe genitalia in every sentence.

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    I liked this book because it is about dance and i can really relate to that because my favorite thing in the world to do is dance But what i didn t really like about this book is that the story wasn t the very best and seemed almost shallow now that i think about it.

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    Quick read

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    This book was kind of entertaining, but it didn t take the deeper level of meaning that I would have liked to see, especially because this book was meant to be a topic of discussion I found the reading to be rather straightforward, without too much development of characters, which was disappointing I also feel as though the title of the book was misleading I found the mystery of the red shoes to be a minor problem compared to some of the other issues presented I think that the book seemed a bit crude at first as well, which made it difficult for me to get into it I haven t had any experiences in the dance world, so that was another element that I could not relate too Had the book been in depth, and had connections between the elements of the stories been made, it would have been much well written This book seemed to be a lighthearted read, which is different from the other books that I have been reading lately, which would account for why I feel it didn t have deep enough meaning.

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    Kayla is a ballet dancer at an arts school in Florida and all she wants to do in life is dance There are indeed a few points of worry though, mainly her extremely large breasts which get in the way of what many people in her field consider superb dancing In addition to worrying about having to possibly get a breast reduction to fit in with the ballet world s standards, the dance department starts to get threats of ugly painted red shoes with a note that says, Dancing in red shoes will kill you The dancers are worried, but none than Kayle herself, who finds out that she is to wear red shoes in an upcoming production of Cinderella This book was fast paced enough, but I really couldn t figure out what it was trying to do The discussion of a ballerina who is having problems with body image would have been a good enough read, but the added mystery death threat plot felt awkward and unnecessary The characters were likable overall, but the main character was a little bit too flaky and ditzy for my taste.

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    can a girl be a successful ballerina with big boobs kayla attends a performing arts high school in florida where she is one of the best dancers but then doesn t get the lead role in cinderella because she doesn t look the part she considers breast reduction surgery at the suggestion of her teacher meanwhile someone has left some red pointe shoes near the dance studios with the message dancing in red shoes will kill you the dancers all blame each other and get paranoid there s also the new boy who is really good looking and doesn t just look at kayla s chest kayla s visual artist sister who gets in trouble for painting a penis in her senior art portfolio and the gayboy best friend who just wants to dance without getting involved in politics this book was a fast paced story about believing in yourself and not giving in to the stereotypical mold.

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    Kayla Callaway has been studying ballet since she was very young, and she wants a future in the dance world She really wanted to have a part in the Cinderella play as Cinderella Unfortunately, she got the part of the ugly step sister She had something about her that was crushing her dreams, and she wanted to change that Then, threatening messages about the school play started popping up all over her school She begins to think that someone is trying to kill her because on the threatening messages the ballet shoes are red, just like Kayla s While this was all happening Kayla starts to like a boy, and it all ends up being that this boy that is she likes is making all of these notes and threats Sh confonts him, and then after his excuse they start to date.I liked this book a lot I thought it was funny plot, but it also kept me wondering.

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