Space for Hire

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William F Nolan is best known as the co author with George Clayton Johnson of Logan s Run a science fiction novel that went on to become a movie, a television series and is about to become a movie again and as single author of its sequels His short stories have been selected for scores of anthologies and textbooks and he is twice winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Special Award from the Myste

❴Reading❵ ➶ Space for Hire Author William F. Nolan –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 168 pages
  • Space for Hire
  • William F. Nolan
  • Italian
  • 14 February 2018

10 thoughts on “Space for Hire

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    Basically Mike Hammer doing a time twist with plenty of humor Short fun.

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    The Good Not much Some of the ways in which Nolan incorporates inter dimensional and time travel are amusing The Bad Failed absurdist farces like this one really demonstrate just how good Douglas Adams was Space for Hire is neither funny, cutting edge science fiction, nor an intriguing mystery As an homage to the hard boiled genre it is one of the worst collections of cliche ever assembled The episodic structure and anything goes humor quickly become tiresome Were this a better book, the ending would be one of the biggest cop outs in literature The Ugly There s some very intrusive racism and sexism throughout.

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    Seriously one of the stupidest books I have ever encountered The homage to the pulpy noir fiction of Hammett and Chandler comes across as lampooning, and the diolague seems written by a racist twelve year old.I was ready for a fun read, which I knew would be stupid and pulpy, but this was justwell, stupid.Dumb stupid.not fun stupid.

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    Quite possibly the worst book I ve ever read.If the Big Book of Ethnic Slurs, a rape joke and a muddy, confused story were to be fused into 174 pages of brain damaging dreck, this is what you would get.The only positive thing I can say about Space For Hire is that since it s cold out I can use it for kindling.

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    Definitely a sexist, offensive product of it time Few amusements, Ships names President Agnew and President Reagan This was published in 1972 so who knew Nolan was able to see the future At least half of it

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    Space for Hire is a book that grab you by the hooves and drags you through adventure and randomness.

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    Truth be told I liked this alot Even after reading all the negative reviews I fully enjoyed this short 1971 sci fi novel Getting into a mind state of an early 70 s teenage boy would ve helped a lot but even without that I got some pleasure from this Every stereotypical macho space idea is explored here, at length, and I can see why people hated it I m not saying that I m going to go search out the rest of this series but I m not upset I read this Would I recommend this to a friend Maybe depending on what they like Would I recommend this to a stranger Probably not.All in all, I didn t really gain anything out of this book but I also didn t expel much energy to read it Fair enough trade off.

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    Not a bad book, just not a great book Lots of fun silliness with a good hard boiled detective story feel to it Lots of mentions of sex, so not for children or immature teenagers Didn t care for the ending If you are looking for something goofy and like psuedo science, then you will probably enjoy this book Otherwise, look elsewhere.

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    Wow I ll say one thing for this bookit keeps moving Makes me think of what would happen if Dirk Gently and Arthur Dent had a child, but that would be extremely insulting to the genius of Douglas Adams If you want to be offended early 1970s style, check out this book by the CO author of Logan s Run Be sure to read to the end or you ll miss the best partthe Lake of Desire

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    An outlandish assortment of crazy SciFi characters involved in a futuristic murder mystery that imagines what would it be like if the classic film noir detective Sam Spade worked the Galaxy A good read.

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