Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift. . . . Have You Discovered Yours?

Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift. . . . Have You Discovered Yours?Do You Ever Feel Burned Out, Beat Up, Or Just Plain Bored, Wondering, Is This All There Is Do You Ever Feel Trapped In A Stressful Job That Leaves You Unhappy And Unsatisfied Do You Ever Question If You Re Doing What You Re Supposed To Be Doing If You Re Fulfilling Your Life S Purpose If So, You Are Not AloneLike Millions Of Americans, Brian Souza Found Himself In This Precarious Position A Few Years Back Despite Attending Dozens Of Motivational Seminars And Devouring The Best The Self Help Industry Had To Offer, Souza Was Left Wanting The Turning Point Came When He Finally Realized It Wasn T Artificial Motivation He Was After He Was Really Searching For A Legitimate Reason To Be Motivated Thousands Of Hours Of Research And Countless Interviews Later, Souza Finally Uncovered The Secrets He Was Looking For All Along Just As Musicians Must Make Music, Poets Must Write, And Artists Must Paint, We All Have A Unique Gift Designed For A Specific Vocation That Will Bring Both Meaning And Purpose To Our Lives True Joy And Happiness Will Continue To Elude Us Until We Use That Gift To Become Who We Were Born To Be Become Who You Were Born To Be Is A Blueprint For Discovering Your Unique Gift And Using It To Realize Your Personal And Professional Potential Souza S Program For Achieving Success In All Areas Of Life Reveals Four Steps To Discovering Your Gift, Uncovering Your Passion, And Unlocking Your Purpose How To Overcome Fears And Deal With Change How To Work Passion Into Your Profession Why A Midlife Crisis Should Be Celebrated How To Stop Stressing And Start Living How To Diagnose And Fix Flawed Life Patterns The Untold Secrets Of Top AchieversTo Illustrate His Life Changing Philosophy, Souza Relates True Stories Of Everyday People And World Famous Celebrities Including Lance Armstrong, Amy Tan, Sylvester Stallone, Garth Brooks, And Oprah Winfrey Who Became Heroes By Overcoming Adversity And Squeezing Every Ounce Of Opportunity From Their Gifts

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift. . . . Have You Discovered Yours? book, this is one of the most wanted Brian Souza author readers around the world.

❮Reading❯ ➿ Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift. . . . Have You Discovered Yours? Author Brian Souza –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift. . . . Have You Discovered Yours?
  • Brian Souza
  • English
  • 03 March 2019
  • 9780307346629

10 thoughts on “Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift. . . . Have You Discovered Yours?

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    While there are quite a few inspiring stories in this book, there s not much how to, which is really what I was looking for.

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    Not at all what I thought it would be I m not a huge fan of self help books but I thought this book would be a little practical and with some how to tips It turned out to be just stories after stories and honestly the fact that I experienced this book as an audiobook with a horrible narration heavily contributed to my poor rating.

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    An outstanding book Brian Souza has touched upon all the important aspects of life and shown the way to improve and attain success The real life examples given by the author are all so powerful as to lift the ideas of even a reluctant browser to great heights of involvement It is not that he has given a collection of excellent ideas of great men but his connected account and narrations are highly effective Then, he has added his own ideas that easily measure up to the ones he has selected from others For example, he says So what is fear I like to think of it as a poor way to use our imagination In a small sentence such as this, he not only explains the source of fear but has also hinted at a method of driving it away A must read for all.

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    This book touches on many key topics and falls in line with what most coaches discuss Listen to your gut Analyse your joyous and abysmal situations for clues about what your gut is telling you Dream big and hold yourself accountable by setting SMART goals Let go of things that rob you from living your best life You become what you focus on Be relentless in your perseverance You need to take care of yourself before pursuing your passion Maslow Identify and align with your values Face your fears, be courageous and accept responsibility for your actions Failure means giving up Don t worry about what you can t control Start with the end in mind and work backwards from your desired outcome Ensure your actions align with your long term desired results Give than you as you ll receive it back tenfold Have faith

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    I liked this book, but I didn t give it a higher rating because I lost track of what the author was saying at some points Since my habit is to listen to audio books twice in succession, I figured I had let my mind wander and I would catch those things the second time around Same thing happened at the same places, so I stopped the book and listened at those points to see what I had missed As it turned out, the book just kind of wandered at those places.The book is a good general intro to the subject of finding your purpose in life, but it falls just short of actually telling you how to do it Many of the examples are very good, and offer words of encouragement to people who are discouraged and perplexed at the direction their life is headed If you want specific advice on who to figure out your purpose or gift as the book calls it, you will need to look elsewhere.

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    This is a decent read, many inspirational stories and such I have no doubt that the author put in the time reading and researching Still, it was a hodge podge of ideas mixed in together Than, a concise, and short book So at times it get to be a bit of a boring read, especially with the chapters laid out in the same format each time Not a bad idea for formality but I believe it was over done, I mean every chapter There are a lot of great ideas and stories in it so it is valuable in that way I am not trying to knock it on that aspect alone, because life is like that But for a great book to read, it doesn t qualify I am not saying don t read it, but it is not on my all time faves list.

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    There are some good stories in here, but finding feel good anecdotes isn t exactly rocket science Most of them can be found in any other self help book Also, I felt the title of the book was misleading Souza gives almost zero attention to the topic of discovering what you were born to do The book is a preachy pile of feel good stories with a couple of pieces of common sense thrown in Not worth reading.

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    It is good inspirational book Although there is nothing new in any of the advices given in the book, but the stories which the author has told in the book are interesting I liked the Thought, Inspiration and the Question to contemplate asked at the end of each chapter In short, I ll recommend this book.

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    Obviously written in the idealistic hopeful period before the recession Published in 2005 Stories are mostly of educated, upper class persons The subtitle is misleading and the book provides no insights into how to discover your gifts.

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