Perfect Snow

Perfect Snow It Came In The Night Perfect Said Scott Snow Said Jim At Recess The Schoolyard Is Full Of Happy Kids Scott Is Making Snowmen, Jim Is Working On The World S Greatest Snow Fort At Lunchtime They Join Forces To Create A Perfect Snow Surprise Barbara Reid Combines Her Trademark Plasticine Artwork With Ink And Watercolour Panels To Bring A Timeless Tale Of Winter Fun To Life

As a child, Barbara Reid loved reading, drawing, writing and fooling around with plasticine She kept at it, and has written and illustrated 19 picture books, illustrating than 25 Her books have been published in over a dozen countries, and her signature plasticine relief illustrations have won many awards including a Governor General s Award for Illustration and the Ezra Jack Keats Award H

❮Reading❯ ➷ Perfect Snow  ➯ Author Barbara Reid –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Perfect Snow
  • Barbara Reid
  • English
  • 09 August 2018
  • 9780807564929

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    Barbara Reid s Plasticine think claymation style illustrations are phenomenal, labor instensive works of art The kid tornado and playground from above scenese are especially impressive Unfortunately, what is less impressive is the storyline, which feels a little stiff and dated Seriously, what teacher dresses like that any The ink and water color panels between the vibrant Plasticine illustrations seem like substitute filler due to an impending deadline, and are distracting to the story The cover flap indicates that this style combo was an intentional trial I appreciate the spirit of innovation, but, sometimes, it s better not to mess with a good thing.

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    This book captures the joy and excitement of playing outside in the snow, especially after an overnight snowfall of fresh, pristine white stuff that is perfect for building snowmen and snow forts My children were delighted with the vivid illustrations the author made with Plasticine that is shaped and pressed onto illustration board Look at all the details my daughter said as she and her brother poured over the book It must have taken the author hours to make them because the illustrations have such minute details, making them realistic and colorful True artistic talent.The story itself was okay but it sounded stilted when read since I found it lacked a flowing rhythm However, the characters were likable and it shows an older child helping a younger one, and children working together while having fun There is no plot, really However, if your young children love playing in the snow, this book will capture their attention.

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    A picture book about, not surprisingly, the perfect snow The story follows two boys through their school day as they each dream about what they want to do with today s perfect snow at recess Jim wants to build a totally massive, indestructible Snow Fortress of Doom , while Scott prefers quietly building snowmen Eventually, together they build The World s Greatest Totally Massive Snowman Fort There is little to no conflict in this sweet story that is ideal for winter story time.The illustrations are wonderful pictures of plasticine, though unfortunately Reid includes ink and watercolors as well, which distract both from the story and the gorgeous plasticine illustrations The two page spread of the children playing out at recess is especially visually stunning Reviewed for Puget Sound Council

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    Barbara Reid s Perfect Snow is a book by Barbara Reid This book talks about Jim and Scott enjoying the school day with snow I picked up this book because I had to do it for a character map for school.I finished this book because I had to for my homework.I think I would recommend this to nobody because I didn t really like it and I won t recommend books I don t like.

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    This is a simple story about the joys of playing in the snow and the combined effect of cooperation The Plasticine illustrations are very entertaining and the story is fun to read aloud We enjoyed reading this story together, although our girls were jealous that they didn t get a lot of snow to play in this winter.

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    It snows but school is still open At recess one kid wants to build a fort, the other wants to build snowmen At lunch they decide to join forces and build a fort made out of snowmen Everyone chips in The next day it rains, and all is slush The slush is perfect.

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    I m really interested in discovering why Reid combines Plasticine art with and watercolor panels

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    The overhead spread of the schoolyard is absolutely delightful All the art in this is so dynamic and so particular And the story is one many northerners can relate to.

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    Have you ever experienced the prefect snow A time when the snow was perfect for sledding and making snow people A day full of so much fun This is the day that Scott and Jim looked forward to The boys woke up to snow and were eager to play Unfortunately, they had to wait all day until school was done Then, no one could stop them Perfect Snow is the perfect winter story The illustrations combine colourful clay art and comic book like strips which give the story something extra Just an overall fun read.

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    Grades K 4 What happens when there is lots of snow but no snow day This book definitely captures the excitement of all the possibilities for recess At first the main character wants to create a fort and has big plans So do all the other kids, and it seems as though there is not enough snow to go around Love how eventually the children come together with a shared vision and create something bigger and better than any one person could build.

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