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Without Reserve2.5 stars though I would have given this novel a higher rating if the love was kept in clean taste even a 4 perhaps I loved the story line Darcy returns to Netherfield shortly after his visit in Kent He wants to know if Elizabeth has forgiven him after his letter and hopes to re unite Bingley with Jane He wants to prove himself to be the man Elizabeth would want him to be but is utterly shocked and grieved when he learns she is engaged Lizzy becomes engaged to a lifelong friend Mr Covington that she never thought about romantically but considered an amiable man and could not find fault with him when her proposed though she possessed no passionate feelings for him You learn in the novel WHY she thought she needed to accept him though she clearly rejected 2 marriage proposals prior to this When Darcy returns, he makes her heart race and she begins to enjoys a friendship with him when he accompanies Bingley on his visits to Jane One of the funniest scenes is when Elizabeth s fiance comes to vist on one such an occasion Darcy instead of going walking with Jane and Bingley as invited to do, chooses to enjoy refreshments with Elizabeth and Mr Covington Fist he just wants to observe them and see what Elizabeth sees in this man, jealous overwhelms him he doesn t want another man looking at his Elizabeth and he certainly doesn t want to leave them alone and then he mocks him to Elizabeth One of the most heart pulling scenes is when Darcy comes to comfort Elizabeth when he hears the news of Lydia though Bingley He wants to put his arms around her and console her but knows he doesn t have the right as she is promised to another But when Mr Covington arrives to comfort Lizzy and take her into his arms and Elizabeth finally loses all emotion and starts shobbing uncontrollable, Darcy realizes that he should not there and leaves He thinks he has lost her to him and doesn t know the real reason Elizabeth is crying When Darcy is away in London Elizabeth realizes how much she misses him and that she is about to marry a man she can never love because she loves another One of my favorite scenes is when Darcy returns just for one day to say goodbye to Elizabeth SPOILERS ALERT He begs her forgiveness for what he s about to do and kisses her softly just to feel her lips one time in his life Then he wishes her happiness for her future marriage and leaves WOW Talk about emotional Then the novel fast forwards to 5 months later when Darcy returns for Bingleys wedding to Jane He assumes that Elizabeth is now Mrs Covington but when he learns she is still a Miss Bennett he must learn what happend and WHY she s decided to be single for life Now he wants her and will do whatever it takes to have her This is where the novel gets spoiled for me He tries to win her over with his many kisses fine I get that but many times it goes way too far Would Elizabeth allow a man she will not accept to kiss her that way Would Darcy really dishonor her so And if they do come to an understanding of sorts, would Darcy really compromise her Unlikely and yet that is what Abigal Reynolds did in this novel I hated that Darcy could not have maintained enough self control to wait So if you want to read a PP style clean romance story of Darcy Elizabeth, this isn t it So halfway through the novel I became to disappointed If only Abigail Reynolds gave Darcy self control I would have loved this novel as their conversations were so passionate There was such love in Darcys words to Elizabeth as he wanted to win her over and such an inner struggle for Elizabeth with her feelings for Darcy that it would have been enough to make it a great novel However, it was ruined with immorral passion that would never have taken place among these 2 great characters. This was an okay book I love anything with Elizabeth Darcy in it but I was disappointed with how many pages I had to skip By the end it seemed like a sordid novel and less of a continuation of Jane Austen s character What story line there was, was not done very well The premise behind the book had promise but it disappeared quickly Will not be reading any of her other books. More smut than I would like spoiler alert The concept of the book was interesting what if another man proposed to Elizabeth after she d turned down Darcy s proposal and she accepted Unfortunately, that only lasts for about 1 4 of the book I don t care for the interpretation of Darcy as written by Reynolds, and while I can accept the scene where Darcy kisses Elizabeth even though she s engaged to another guy , I can t fathom them having premarital sex, at Netherfield, with Georgiana in the next room and even if I could, I don t want such graphic detail about it. Mr Darcy s Undoing is a book I ve won through here and yesterday evening I started reading it I read Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion by Jane Austen before I commenced with this book Although a fan of the film renditions of the book, I had never read Pride and Prejudice or any book by Jane Austen, for that matter Needless to say, after becoming familiar with the language and Austen s way of storytelling, I enjoyed both books immensely, though I was slower than I usually am in reading them It was the language, mostly it made my progress less than what s typical for me Anyway, after reading Pride and Prejudice and then reading Persuasion so not to overdose on the amazing, classical pair that is Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet , I picked up Mr Darcy s Undoing This book begins after Elizabeth Bennet returns from Kent, after refusing Mr Darcy s first proposal of marriage She becomes engaged to a local, respectable gentleman named Covington Elizabeth s choice is based on providing for her family, as Jane s prospects of marriage do not look well, and Mr Covington was hardly a disagreeable man in fact, he has many traits that Elizabeth admires she s simply not in love with him Elizabeth is also especially fond of Mr Covington s mother because she is a woman of good sense and respectability Mr Darcy returns to Netherfield with Mr Bingley who returns to woo Jane Bennet after learning from his friend that she is not impartial to him and learns of Elizabeth s engagement Darcy is determined to win her back.I was half way through the book before I refused to read further Immediately, the book was terrible, but I had hoped it would improve further on It didn t Although this is a variation, the characters personalities and mentalities are already set by Austen Reynolds did not keep to either Darcy s or Elizabeth s preordained personalities Darcy, a man who is known for his intolerance for impropriety is nothing but improper towards Elizabeth After learning of her engagement, Darcy becomes absolutely petty and has absolutely no respect for Elizabeth s engaged status He tries to ignore it and pretend that she s not engaged He does not accept the reality of Elizabeth s situation Darcy leaves to tour Vienna, finally able to accept that Elizabeth is to be married to another man, and Elizabeth breaks her engagement during his absence, realizing that she is in love with Darcy However, there is a price to pay The scandal of Elizabeth breaking her engagement causes an uproar in Meryton and is the talk of the town upon Darcy s return for Mr Bingley and Jane s wedding Darcy learns of the broken engagement from Elizabeth herself Having no respect for her whatsoever, he kisses her in the carriage, after she has told him she cannot accept another man s proposition of marriage at least, not for a time Note, that this is not a simple kiss of the cheek or lips it s a make out session and Elizabeth s trying to maintain what little bit of respectability she has left in the eyes of Meryton.Basically, what it boils down to, is that Reynolds has taken a classic piece of literature and has tried to write it with a modern mentality twist, almost She has taken two beloved Austen characters and has complete defaced them Darcy is no longer respectable he s just wealthy and seems respectable And Elizabeth is a voluntary seductress, flirting with Darcy while she s engaged to another man Although it seems like friendly banter, it is undeniably flirtatiousness I must disagree with Reynolds in thinking that Elizabeth would ever behave in such a manner if she were engaged to another man And I equally disagree that Darcy would behave so abominably, too, if Elizabeth were to be engaged to another man.The respectability of both these characters are lost in this variation Reynolds has ruined them by trying to turn their love into a Harlequin romance Twilight stalker spin off. Definitely not the worst of the lot in these PP variations but I wonder at this author s portrayal of Darcy as a man who can t control his desires I agree he was a passionate man underneath all that starch there was no doubt of that after his first proposal but I m sure that Darcy would have been able to keep himself in check in most other circumstances I guess this was the author s solution for having Darcy mauling poor Elizabeth every time he had the chance.Anyhow, the plot is as follows After Darcy s proposal and letter, Miss Bennet returns to Longbourn and soon after receives a proposal she accepts Mr Covington this is a new character is an amiable man she s known for years with a decent fortune so given Jane s situation, she realizes that she cannot let pass this opportunity to secure her family s future But then Darcy returns, changed after her reproof, and after meeting him again, she falls in love with him.In general I despise love triangles but I would have liked to see a plot where both Darcy and this other man are courting Elizabeth at the same time As it was, the fianc was pretty much gone by 30% of the book and after that, it was all Darcy Elizabeth kissing in corners while she rejects his proposal of marriage because she thinks marrying her would ruin his reputation In this variation, we didn t have the confrontation with Lady Catherine or the visit to Pemberley and I have to say I missed both. there were so many arch comments and arched eyebrows on Elizabeth s part I can only imagine her eyebrows had actually migrated off her face they re hovering even now a foot above her head This book was a pretty big mehn with okay characterizations. No One Can Outdo Mr Darcy Or Can They What Could Possibly Make A Proper Gentleman Come Completely Undone What If Elizabeth Bennet Accepted The Proposal Of Another Before She Met Mr Darcy Again In Abigail Reynolds Bold And Playful Retelling Of The Austen Classic, A Devastated Mr Darcy Must Decide How Far He Is Willing To Go To Win The Woman He Loves Consumed By Jealousy, He Knows That Winning Her Will Throw Them Both Into Scandal And Disgrace, But Losing Her Is Unbearable Mr Darcy Is Going To Have To Fight For His Love, And His Life This story had a sweet premise how would Darcy react when he discovered Lizzy was engaged to another and how would he persuade her otherwise The first half of the book was really touching,very romantic with Darcy determined he was happy for her to be married to another man as long as she, herself was truly happy He returns for Bingley s wedding only to happily discover that she is unwed and sets out to make her his and is not willing to take no for an answer.I wanted to love this book but I found the fact that Darcy and Lizzy slept together before they were married just didn t sit well with me I realise it s a variation and characters personalities can change but Austen s Darcy and Lizzy would not ignore society s rules by engaging in such behaviour Neither would Darcy act in ANY way that would reflect badly on Elizabeth So while I liked it, I didn t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Mr Darcy s Undoing originally self published as Without Reserve in 2007 is one of Abigail Reynolds earliest novels from her incomparable Pemberley Variation Series, and just happens to be the first one I ever read If you are unfamiliar with these riveting and romantic variations, they are retellings of Pride and Prejudice that take our beloved hero and heroine down a slightly altered path Abigail Reynolds, one of my favorite Austenesque authors, is a skilled story teller, an ardent admirer of Jane Austen, and quite proficient at infusing a lot of emotion, tension, and passion into her stories In this variation, Ms Reynolds takes up her pen and asks What if, after refusing Mr Darcy s marriage proposal in Hunsford, Elizabeth accepts the marriage proposal of a childhood friend An interesting scenario, isn t it Mr Darcy has a rival and the rival s already won Or has he Mr Covington a k a Darcy s rival Elizabeth s fianc e is an amiable young gentleman who owns a small but well established neighboring estate He s affable, kind hearted, generous, honorable, and has never insulted Elizabeth Bennet He may have Elizabeth s hand in marriage, but does he have her heart To continue reading, go to Medium amount of angst, great storyI love Abigail s stories and though this is one of her old books, it s one of my favorites It has medium angst, which is just perfect Zero angst reads as sappy and not realistic And to much angst is somewhat of a chore to read.My only complaint, I would have enjoyed 4 or 5 chapters about the Matlocks smoothing ODC couples transitioning into the ton and getting to know and like Lizzy.

Abigail Reynolds may be a nationally bestselling author and a physician, but she can t follow a straight line with a ruler Originally from upstate New York, she studied Russian and theater at Bryn Mawr College and marine biology at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole After a stint in performing arts administration, she decided to attend medical school, and took up writing as a hobby d

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