The Ruling Class

The Ruling Class In This Profound And Incisive Work, Angelo M Codevilla Introduces Readers To The Ruling Class, The Group Of Bipartisan Political Elites Who Run America This Ruling Class, Educated At Prestigious Universities And Convinced Of Its Own Superiority, Has Everything To Gain By Raising Taxes And Expanding The Reach Of Government This Class Maintains That It Knows What Is Best And Continually Increases Its Power Over Every Facet Of American Life, From Family And Marriage To The Environment, Guns, And GodIt Is Becoming Increasingly Apparent That This Ruling Class Does Not Represent The Interests Of The Majority Of Americans, Who Value Self Rule And The Freedom On Whose Promise America Was Founded Millions Of Americans Are Now Reasserting Our Right To Obey The Constitution, Not The Ruling Class This Desire Transcends All Organizations And Joins Independents, Republicans, And Democrats Into The Country Party, Whose Members Embody The Ideas And Habits That Made America Great The Majority Of Americans Feel That The Ruling Class Is Demeaning Us, Impoverishing Us, Demoralizing Us, And Want To Be Rid Of It This book nails it The problem in Washington isn t a Democrat problem or Republican problem, it is a Ruling Class problem The Ruling Class, as the author so ably defines them, are detached from the lives of the average American, the Country Class They rule from on high The Ruling Class is keener to reform the American peoples family and spiritual lives than their economic and civic ones The baker forced to bake cakes for a wedding, anyone As government burrows further and further into the lives of the people it will awaken the Country Class, we can see this happening in American right now People are tired of being told how to live But, as Codevilla writes, Does the Country Class really want to rule itself, or is it just whining for milder taskmasters We ve seen this before, from the Declaration of Independence, all experience hath shown that mankind are disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed Do we have the courage, as the Founders did The County Class greatest difficulty will be to enable a revolution to take place without imposing it Are we up to the task Just not my cup of tea party. The actual text of this book is only 87 pages, so you really DO have time to read it It would be so worth your investment Why because it will reward you with the sweet gift of CLARITY Who does not feel disoriented and disheartened at the current state of affairs To read Codevilla is to feel restored to reality Now that is worth a couple hours turning pages Codevilla augments his 87 pages with the texts of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution We the People must assert the governing framework of these brief documents because, as Codevilla observes, it has become conventional wisdom among our Ruling Class that they may transcend the Constitution while pretending allegiance to it p.42 When I read the Trent Lott quote on p.74 As soon as they get here, we need to co opt them I thought of Junior Senator Marco Rubio s career disaster in joining the gang of 8 amnesty bill I hope Rubio will recognize how he was played, and double down on Constitutional principles in a future leadership career He should read this book It is interesting in this day of the Trump revolution that in this 2010 book, Codevilla predicted a constituent rebellion among Republican voters is inevitable He warns the Ruling Class that run the Republican party will have a rude awakening p.75 if they continue to govern like Liberal Democrats Codevilla closes his text with a search through history for how a Constitutional reformation could be successful If he had a recommendation, I didn t find it I take his precautions about what would NOT work in the long run But I wish he had take a few pages to explore one of the books in his bibliography The Roots of American Order by Russell Kirk 1974 He summarizes Kirk argues that American Order is grounded in certain permanent institutions, beliefs, and characteristics of Americans that TO RESTORE LIBERTY to its rightful place in society, we must STRENGTHEN THE FOUNDATIONS on which it is built the habits of heart and mind that make or made csm America exceptional p.142. Concise, elucidating, brilliant The Ruling Class is a great book, easy to read, and one of the handful I would eagerly recommend to anyone looking to understand what s really going on beyond the specific issues headlines As is so often the case, the truth is easily discerned once all of the detritus, misdirection, and distractions are cleared out of the way, and Codevilla has done an artful job of clearly presenting what s behind all of the modern American political chaos This book is a quick read chock full of profound depth It points the finger at the heart of the problem in American politics to wit, the cool kids table and does a fantastic job of prescribing a remedy. Codevilla turned a popular essay from a few months ago into a longer treatise The essay is excellent, and the book is slightly better because it allows a fuller treatment of the issues at hand Unfortunately it seemed a bit rushed to the publisher because it could have really used material than is there The book is excellent in its analysis of the two classes in American public life at odds with one another Codevilla shows that it is a bigger matter than red states versus blue states We are in a battle of progressive versus traditionalists The ruling elite in our country believe they know what s best for us and are imposing their way of life upon the rest of us, while the country class desires freedom and independence of thought and action This is perhaps the best treatment of the issues that I ve read, and deserves a wide audience Unfortunately it also deserves a much longer book than 87 pages. This short book that should have been longer and descriptive But for its length it makes the case that modern American politics is not simply between Democrats and Republicans, but a difficult battle between the Ruling Class and Country Class The Ruling Class sees an ever growing Government as the future, while the Country Class has faith in God, family, and the Constitution It can be hard for some to grasp that Ruling Class Republicans despise primaries, and would rather lose a general election if a Ruling Class Republican loses the primary to a Country Class challenger I have seen that very thing happen in several US Senate races. This book does a lot in a short page count, even including the Declaration of Independence and Constitution Codevilla summarizes two divergent philosophies of government into Ruling Class and Country Class, and one of the best distinctions made in the book is that both Democrats and Republicans can belong to the Ruling Class, those that think they big govt can and should dominate and control the lives of others through legislation He also provides a decent bibliography for those wanting to chase down some footnotes and particular issues. I really appreciated this It explains an awful lot I read the original article in The American Spectator, then order the expanded version in the book form, and read it again Great stuff If you want to understand the roiled events of the next several years, get and master this book. If not for the author s credentials I d feel like I just read something by Jesse Ventura It s almost like you could put illuminati in place of Ruling Class Nonetheless, it s a thought provoking read Probably the best thing about it is that it forced me to read the Declaration of Ineependence and The Constitution.

Angelo M Codevilla is professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University Educated at Rutgers 1965 Notre Dame 1968 , and the Claremont graduate university 1973 , Codevilla served in the US Navy, the US Foreign Service, and on the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence He taught philosophy at Georgetown, classified intelligence matters at the US Naval Post graduate School.

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