A Dance of Love and Jealousy

A Dance of Love and Jealousy Nate Deventer Is About To Go From Standing In The Wings To Dancing Into His Future He S Earned His Way From A Major Ballet Company S Corps Boy To A Soloist, Gained A Mentor In One Of The Principals, Clashed With Handsome Star Dane Stockton Who Has A Girlfriend In The Company Despite His Wandering Ways And Met His Idol Famed Dancer And New Resident Choreographer, Romuald GhentRomuald S First Major Project For The Company Is A New Ballet, And Nate Is Cast As The Understudy Of One Of The Leads It S An Exciting Opportunity, One That Brings Him Closer To Romuald And Fosters A Burgeoning Mutual Attraction But Between Them Is Romuald S On Again, Off Again Relationship With Guest Star Henri Keller, And The Success Of The Ballet May Depend On How Well Nate Can Dance Between His Professional And Personal Lives I loved this book I loved all the ballet scenes Everything about the book revolved around ballet and all the main characters were part of that world It wasn t just performances either It was practices, costumes, makeup, everything Sure, there were other places seen They were mainly were the dancers went after practice or for lunch though This book just made me feel totally immersed in creating and performing This set it above other books about dancers that I ve read The only thing that I had trouble with regarding this book was that it was hard to identify than Nate as the main character I know that Romuald was supposed to be another, but several side characters had as much book time as him This made the book good though I loved having so many people be so important that they would have their own scenes Overall, I loved this I don t think I can say it enough I don t think I can find anything I didn t love either Great. I stopped reading on page 183 Couldn t get into it I m sorry. 4.5 Wonderful starsThis book is just wonderful It is on the verge or literature than romantic novel If you love classical art, ballet specifically, and some HOT men getting it on, you will love this book I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of the dancers, the choreography, the environment I felt like an spectator in front of the stage The author s vocabulary and knowledge of classical art is impressive.There is one m f scene but it is pretty easy to skip over it.Dane was H I L A RIOUS I absolutely enjoyed his dry, randy humorMopety mopety mopety mope, and one and two and turn Oh, poor little me so horny, mopety mope All the characters were so complex and had great depth Most of them have a good amount of ambiguity to them Loved Nate, Larry, Beau, and the others.I loved Josh He is a devout, fundamentalist Christian dancer who means well and is rather naive but he is so nicely incorporated in here Even when he is preaching about unnatural acts , they all still love and accept him I would have paid top dollar to watch Dane and Nate perform Alexis and Corydon The romance between Nate and Romuald developed at a slow pace, which is not a bad thing in my book Nothing kills a book quicker for me than insta love.The sex scenes were kind of funny The dirty talk that they use had me giggling.I feel like I just came home from being on tour with this ballet company for a few days Seriously Brilliant read. I never, ever advocate fade to black sex scenes in books But I think this book would have been improved by them The sex scenes were truly terrible But I quite liked the dance stuff.

Roland Graeme is one of several pseudonyms used by a prolific writer of erotic fiction Graeme, a descendant of Swiss immigrants and a native of Pennsylvania, resides in Buffalo, New York He earned a Ph.D in English by writing his doctoral dissertation on the novels of Sir Walter Scott Roland Graeme is the protagonist of Scott s novel The Abbot His interests, in addition to literature, incl

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  • ebook
  • 350 pages
  • A Dance of Love and Jealousy
  • Roland Graeme
  • English
  • 13 October 2018
  • 9781615818051

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