Echoes Of Angels (Keepers of Eternity #1)

Echoes Of Angels (Keepers of Eternity #1) Echoes of Angels, Keepers of Eternity Book 1, Devyn QuinnReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Romance, sci fi and fantasy I thought this sounded intriguing, something a bit different and having read the sample onI was keen to read the book Sadly though for me it just didn t really make it I wouldn t class it as a romance, there s some sex but that s it, no real connection between Morgan and Julienne it Julienne seemed to gain her confidence very quickly for someone who d returned home from such a dreadful situation, and I really thought that she was rude to Morgan Yes he s pretty obnoxious, but it would have been easier to be polite to her grandmother and just avoid him The scene where she was frankly just a voyeur seemed to have been added for titillation and didn t add to the story In fact the whole story for me didn t really go anywhere Morgan s non human status was dangled in front of the reader continuously, but we never get to know exactly what he is, and what s really going on He was frankly a horrible man, and I couldn t believe Julienne s actions when she knew how he was, saw first hand what he was like to Ashleigh.I was so disappointed in his character, he sounded so enigmatic and promising to begin I didn t feel any real heat or connection between him and Julienne, and really missed that.I just felt from a promising start it seemed to go no where which was a shame because that start was so intriguing, held so much promise Its that potential that has me rating this a two and a half and not a two.I did read right through to see if somewhere I would get sucked in to the story, but it was hard work I was really hoping these potential plot lines would develop but nothing that really resonated with me, nothing seemed to actually happen and nothing that made sense, made me feel I must read book two There s a kind of cliff hanger at the end, something happens but I can t believe its going to be left as it seems Still, looking at reviews it perfect as it is for many readers so its another example of that not all books suit all readers and what didn t work for me could be the hook that you need to enjoy this Stars two and a half, lots of potential but didn t reach it for meARC supplied by Netgalley and publisher I was in the middle of reading something else when I picked this novel up and started it I must say it grabbed me right away and was sorta like a jealous lover and could not return to the other one until I finished this one Having read the storyline is what drove me to try it and also have read a couple before from this author I also devour dark fantasy romance because they have alot of substance to them then just fluff The characters in this novel are vibrant and intense especially Morgan and Julienne Returning to a home that is no longer remembered after a mess of a life, Julienne really doesn t have much of a choice The first impressions of these two as I am reading is she is sure not going to be able to do anynonsense with Morgan in the picture because he is one cold alpha dude The grandmother too even though she seems sweet I bet there isthan she shows Actually there is something going on that only a few really know of with some living a smoke and mirror type of life to cover up what is really who they are and importance of it all Anyways as this author takes you along in their story it is one that is filled with alot of body to it It grabs you with no intention of letting go until you learn all you can about Morgan with your heart melting as you do and chuckling at the sneaky little thing grandma does You also get to see Julienne grow into herself and becoming alittle of who she could of been if she wasn t taken away all those years ago As this tale unfolds you are caught up in the magic of the telling tensing also for the day it speaks of Not your everyday romance contained within too which is refreshing The battle lines have been drawn with everyone gearing up for it soon The unexpected takes place with it having its drama and wiping your brow that Morgan has only just begun after all That when I reached the last page in this, she was able to play me the reader like the best violinist uses their bow on the instrument to make it sing and feel a range of emotions Finest reading in a long time and glad to not of missed it. Julienne Blackthorne Grew Up In The School Of Hard KnocksDragged Around The Country By An Unstable Mother, She Grew Up On The Fringes Of Poverty, Unloved And Unwanted With The Face Of An Angel And A Body Made For Sin, Her Dream To Reinvent Herself In Hollywood Goes Crushingly Awry Though Marriage To Her Manager Leads To Minor Success As A Model And D List Celebrity, Her Husband S Violent Temper And Her Own Crack Cocaine Habit Can Only Lead To One Thing Disaster A Near Brush With Death Leaves Her Broke, Alone And Scarred For Life By The Time She Emerges From Rehab, Her Life Is In Ruins, And Her Soul Little Than AshesBut Old Bodies Will Not Stay Buried, And Julienne Is About To Learn The Truth Behind Her Own Lost Past The Chance To Begin Her Life Over Lures Her Back To The Family Home Her Mother Abandoned Over Twenty One Years Ago And Straight Into The Unwelcome Embrace Of The Man Cassandra Blackthorne Feared MostMorgan Saint EvanstonDark Brooding Sexy As Hell He S Everything A Woman Desires, Yet His Own Frightening Secrets Have Tainted His Heart And Blackened His Soul He Is A Man Julienne Will Dare To Take As Her Lover Even As He Plunges Her Into An Occult Realm, Where Human Souls Are Open Barter And Swords And Sorcery Still Rule 4 sreview posted herehttp bookpassionforlife.blogspot.coEchoes of Angels is a great introduction to the Eternity series by Devyn Quinn The synopsis says it all as we are introduced to Julienne Blackthorne, as she makes her way back to her ancestral home that her mother had fled 21 years earlier and back into the arms of her grandmother, the only family she has left Julienne is a recovering drug addict and recovering from her husband s attempt on her life that has left her with both mental physical scars, with her life in ruins she takes the only option available to her even if it means coming face to face with the man who drove her mother away Morgan Saint Evanston All is not as it seems however, the house residents hold secrets that Julienne is about to discover, putting her life heart on the line as she becomes embroiled in a destiny far beyond anything she could imagine And it is just the beginning.I really enjoyed this book, it was one of those reads where it grabs your curiosity and doesn t let go The characters of the book were so interesting and easy to read and care about, Julienne in particular, she is on the bottom when she arrives at the house, she s been clean of drugs for a short amount of time and has lost everything, she feels like she owes these people to grant their one request for her to move back home to her family in exchange for them sorting her life out and believe me, it needs sorting I feel she fit right in when she got there and had an air of dignity about her for all of her flaws misgivings, she didn t play the victim got on with it which I thought was a plus to her character The other main character and enigma is the multi layered personality that is Morgan he was a hard character to work out, hard to empathise with too but in a tortured past kind of way, where you know something has made him that way and we are waiting to see what Julienne s influence will have on him In some ways he is cruel, in others compassionate but always stoic cold hearted putting on a thick fa ade so we never really grasp who he is or what he s about and this only made me that muchinquisitive, I think I ve only ever read of a character who I couldn t fathom out, maybe twice I ll be very curious to readabout him.The storyline isn t fast paced and although that would usually bother me, it totally didn t here because of the mystery surrounding everyone, that fed the need to turn the page, I wanted no, needed to knowjust like Julienne it was all based around Morgan, he was so consuming Even though the book is actually set in modern day, when they reached the manor, it took on an aged feel, like we went to the past and I liked that So much of it is focussed on the relationships of the residents of the house, Julienne her grandmother, Julienne Morgan, Morgan Ashleigh and any staff there, which eventually brings out secrets about who they all are which I really liked For most of the book, the paranormal element is quite understated, we all know that Morgan isthan human , I love what he turns out to be, I ve not read a lot about his particular gifts so again with the curiosity factor but he isn t the only one and that element gets stronger and stronger until most of the skeletons are revealed we are teased with hints of a prophecy I loved the turn the book took towards the end, as the event that had been building throughout the book came to pass it gave it quite a different feel to the story, sending it in a fantasy direction that I really enjoy and opened up a much larger world to the story along with new friends enemies which we get a good look at and makes me very excited for book two Descent of Demons especially after that ending Julienne is finally clean and off to start a new life at the home her mother took her away from There she meets Morgan and finds him aloof and brooding but theresto him than she knows Soon they are forever entwined and julienne learns theresto life than she ever knew First in the series and an interesting beginning The story was interesting and built up well but the ending seemed a little rushed and I didn t really like how it ended but that s just me and I m sure book 2 probably settles any questions The characters were good and well developed I just found the detail a little lacking in places but hopefully it will be explained better through the series A good beginning with potential. I did enjoy the read, certainly spiral out of control. Ok story with an interesting if a bit slow to reveal back story plot although Julienne finds her way to Morgan s bed rather quickly when she can t stand him in the beginning and he is rather an ass of a character. Eternity Trilogy by Devyn Quinn Genre Science fiction, urban fantasy, fantasy, paranormal Title Echoes of Angels Book One of trilogy Julienne Blackthorne grew up in the school of hard knocks A near brush with death leaves her broke, alone and scarred for life Her future is in ruins, and her soul littlethan ashes.The chance to begin anew lures her back to the family home her mother abandoned over twenty one years ago and straight into the unwelcome embrace of the man Cassandra Blackthorne feared most.Morgan Saint Evanston.Dark Brooding Sexy as hell He s everything a woman desires, yet his own frightening secrets have tainted his heart and blackened his soul He is a man Julienne will dare to take as her lover, even as he plunges her into a cultic realm where swords and sorcery still rule, and human souls are open barter Devyn Quinn, 2013 The book Echoes of Angels has an attractive cover with the main character Morgan The bright blue eyes attracted me to turn the page as I wanted to learnabout the character that was upon the cover It was as if I had to flip through pages to find the colors of Morgan that he hid within Morgan was hard to unravel at first, as years of pain had created a crust of toughness upon his being However, it is learned that he did everything for a reason The author immediately held my attention at the prologue I am a very picky reader I sat aside the newest Anita Blake book to read the trilogy I had told myself that if I did not like the book, I would return to Affliction by Laurell K Hamilton However, Affliction still awaits me on my bed stand as I read book two of the trilogy I cannot seem to get enough of Morgan and Julienne At first, I worried that Julienne would be a weak character, but she proved to be astounding and persistent She is able to put Morgan in his place immediately which shows the sparks will soon fly between them This character interaction is exactly what I love about fiction love stories The book does not leave you hanging of what is happening or what the other character is thinking as the author easily allows you to bring to light what each character is thinking I remember reading my first historical romance and it was by Johanna Lindsey I was fourteen years of age at that time and loved the books so much it created a monster Devyn Quinn has indeed created a monster of a fan I am empathize with Julienne and Morgan and at times wished I could have reached into the story, put an arm around Morgan and asked him what on earth he was thinking However, in time his side of the story was soon told The author did a wonderful job allowing the characters to speak through her and tell their stories. Echoes Of Angels Eternity 1 by Devyn Quinn Julienne Blackthorne grew up in the school of hard knocks.Dragged around the country by an unstable mother, she grew up on the fringes of poverty, unloved and unwanted With the face of an angel and a body made for sin, her dream to reinvent herself in Hollywood goes crushingly awry Though marriage to her manager leads to minor success as a model and D list celebrity, her husband s violent temper and her own crack cocaine habit can only lead to one thing disaster A near brush with death leaves her broke, alone and scarred for life By the time she emerges from rehab, her life is in ruins, and her soul littlethan ashes.But old bodies will not stay buried, and Julienne is about to learn the truth behind her own lost past The chance to begin her life over lures her back to the family home her mother abandoned over twenty one years ago and straight into the unwelcome embrace of the man Cassandra Blackthorne feared most.Morgan Saint Evanston.Dark Brooding Sexy as hell He s everything a woman desires, yet his own frightening secrets have tainted his heart and blackened his soul He is a man Julienne will dare to take as her lover even as he plunges her into an occult realm, where human souls are open barter and swords and sorcery still rule First book in the Eternity series the copy I received needed a lot of work and development both in story and character Julie has potential to be a great female heroine but she still feels a little zealous and Morgan a tadthan foolish and both have a tendency not to think things through.I didn t get much from the world itself which could be interesting withfleshing out but as a whole both the cast and the environment felt a little unfinished a little empty The characters and place were there but they didn t feel alive to me, they felt a little empty which left me wantingfrom both.Yet I could see the potential in both because there was just enough that it kept my attention but I felt it could have been muchMaybe its because this is just a start to a series that it wasn t quite what I was hoping for as a whole but I still have hopes for the following installments to do it justice.I would like to say though the cover I had on my copy wasn t the best but I absolutely love the new one Beautiful Devyn Quinn Krissy s Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own Krissy s Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review via the author If any of Krissy s Bookshelf Reviews has been helpful please stop by to like my post or leave a comment to let me know what you think I love hearing from followers Thank you so much for stopping by This is a great start to what promises to be an intriguing series Morgan had me wanting to reach through the pages and strangle him almost constantly But by the end I had kind of warmed too him doesn t mean I won t want to slap him in book 2

Devyn Quinn lives in the scenic Southwest, though she has called several other states home She is a huge fan of dark gothic music shoot em up action movies But reading is her first love and Devyn spends too much time with history books, as well as feeding her addiction for celebrity biographies She especially enjoys reading books on Hollywood before the 1960 s and is crazy about Marilyn

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