The Blue Last

The Blue LastIn The Blue Last, Richard Jury Finally Faces The Last Thing In The World He Wants To Deal With The War That Killed His Mother, His Father, His Childhood Mickey Haggerty, A DCI With The London City Police, Has Asked For Jury S Help Two Skeletons Have Been Unearthed In The City During The Excavation Of London S Last Bombsite, Where Once A Pub Stood Called The The Blue Last Mickey Believes That A Child Who Survived The Bombing Has Been Posing For Over Fifty Years As A Child Who Didn T The Grandchild Of Brewery Magnet Oliver Tyndale Supposedly Survived That December Bombing But Did She Mickey Also Has A Murder To Solve Simon Croft, Prosperous City Financial Broker, And Son Of The One Time Owner Of The Blue Last Is Found Shot To Death In His Thames Side House But The Book He Was Writing About London During The German Blitzkrieg Has Disappeared Jury Wants To Get Eyes And Ears Into Tynedale Lodge, And Looks To His Friend, Melrose Plant, To Play The Role Reluctantly, Plant Plays It, Accompanied On His Rounds Of The Lodge Gardens By Nine Year Old Gemma Trim, Orphan And Ward Of Oliver Tynedale And Benny Keagan, A Resourceful Twelve Year Old Orphaned Delivery BoyAnd Richard Jury May Not Make It Out AliveA Stolen Book, Stolen Lives, Or Is Any Of This What It Seems Identity, Memory, Provenance These Are All Called Into Question In The Blue Last I didn t finish this book for two reasons 1 It was due back at the library 2 It was confusing and uninteresting, possibly because I was reading it in French, possibly because I haven t read any of the other Richard Jury books and therefore don t know the characters. I really liked this book, right up until the ending Seriously, I was pushing the next page button on Kindle over and over, but nothing happened It was done I felt like there were several characters relationships that needed some resolution, but didn t get it.All the usual people are here Richard, Melrose, Marshall, etc It s a lot of fun, and if you re a fan of this series then you ll probably like it I just wish the ending had been a bit conclusive. The Blue Last is the seventeenth Richard Jury novel At this point it appears that Martha Grimes is writing for her fan base The story would benefit from a tighter story line There are long digressions as Richard Jury tries to remember his childhood during World War II Melrose Plant, Jury s friend, also spends many pages chasing information about a painting.Loose ends also distract from the story Grimes introduces a restaurant owner who may be selling stolen paintings, but this never plays an important part in the story A little girl does have an important role, but her position is never well explained Probably the oddest loose end is a waking dream Jury has I am not sure why it was included.I might have overlooked some of these issues for a pleasing mystery, but the mystery was predictable By the middle of the book I had a good idea of who did it although I didn t know why When I was proved right, the motive was particularly unsatisfying I think Martha Grimes recognized this because she brought the story to an abrupt end rather than deal with the consequences.Normally I avoid long running mystery series This story didn t change my mind I gave it a try because I enjoyed the first Richard Jury novel If I pick up another, I will make sure it occurs much earlier in the series Cautions none. This was an eminently enjoyable mystery Like many Grimes works, she weaves in her stock cast of amusing characters, throws in a diverting tangential tale of a trip to Florence, Italy, and somehow manages to have the protagonists emerge in the resolution of a long forgotten World War II spy story.The twists and turns of a Grimes plot always make me dizzy, sometimes can be boring not true in this book , but usually fascinate me She somehow manages to find small features to bring out normally flat exchanges between character and ambiance plus is a master at using dialogue.One must pay attention when reading a Grimes book because the stories are intricate, almost baroque in their construction She has much to say in a unique, articulate, almost poetic style This book is one of her best I heartily recommend it as light well written reading, as opposed to the repetitive popular tripe currently available If you like romance novels and mysteries, try reading some of Grimes books It will educate your literary palate and elevate your taste.

Martha Grimes is an American author of detective fiction.She was born May 2 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to D.W., a city solicitor, and to June, who owned the Mountain Lake Hotel in Western Maryland where Martha and her brother spent much of their childhood Grimes earned her B.A and M.A at the University of Maryland She has taught at the University of Iowa, Frostburg State University, and Montg

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  • The Blue Last
  • Martha Grimes
  • English
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9780451410559

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