Johnny Nemo: Existentialist hitman of the future

Johnny Nemo: Existentialist hitman of the future Interesting Character, would have likeof Johnny Nemo and his world Sad really it got over in three issues Nemo is a crazy detective manic in a crazy drugged up world. Si S Lo Va A Leer Una Cosa M S En Su Vida, Lea Este C Mic Cambiar Su ExistenciaNo S Lo Eso Cambiar Todo Su UniversoIncluso Puede Hacer Que Parezca Atractivo Ante Miembros Del Sexo Opuesto O De Su Mismo Sexo, Si As Lo PrefierePor Fin En Espa Ol La Obra De Culto De Peter Milligan X Force, JLA Classified , Brett Ewins Y Steve Dillon, Recopilando Todas Las Historias Del Personaje Un Detective Ultraviolento Y Malhablado En Un Londres Del Futuro Fun collection of stories featuring Johnny Nemo futuristic detective hit man who operates in a weird noir surreal future full of flying cars, robots and aliens mixes genres with just the right mix of humor and violence and tweaking of the cliches of both genres.While a street wise PI, Johnny tends to deal with things by shooting something or punching them He also always gets the girl, as well as having a hot robot secretary.Like Bladerunner mixed with 80 s new wave and Hanna Barbara cartoons. Enjoyable, but you kind of need a thorough shower afterwards. Excellent, early Peter Milligan work Would love to see him return to this character some day. Not really for me, but there were a few funny bits, especially the bizarro Bing Crosby story. These comics originally appeared in DEADLINE magazine back in the late 80 s Johnny Nemo is a creation of Peter Milligan, Brett Ewins and Steve Dillon He s a sardonic, satirical take on a Chandleresque tough guy private eye, set in a bizarro, crazed future world not unlike the lighter moments in JUDGE DREDD There s great fun to be had here, even if the package itself is a bit shoddy a thin reprint volume by some outfit called Cyberosia that double prints one page such that part of a story is missing.If you like your heroes tough, violent, but also seriously funny and sardonic, check it out. Down these mean streets a man must go who s the meanest bastard of them all On one level, the saga of Johnny Nemo works as sheer simple thrill power it s from Strange Days not 2000AD, but emphatically a child of the same blackly comic vision of the future as the present replayed with bigger guns Johnny has an improbable coat and excellent hair, and shoots and shags his way around a decadent, ultra capitalist future London all too close to the real thing But he also has just enough in the way of existential doubt to justify the tagline, and provide a little leaven After all, wouldn t L Etranger have been muchfun if Meursault had engaged in a fewwhy not killings, assisted by outlandish hardware and a robot flying car

Human Target

[BOOKS] ✯ Johnny Nemo: Existentialist hitman of the future Author Peter Milligan –
  • Paperback
  • 100 pages
  • Johnny Nemo: Existentialist hitman of the future
  • Peter Milligan
  • Spanish
  • 13 September 2017
  • 9788496402959

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