N or M?

N or M?To be honest, this book didn t feel so good at the very beginning But, as the things went ahead, I kept on guessing Even with obvious fact my belief dangled, and I couldn t be sure of the decisions I made about the antagonist And by the end I truly loved this story Its everything you want from a Christie story There is misdirection, suspense and proper explanation of the facts.Normally I try to be critical about mystery novels, but I have absolutely no complain about this one So, a full rating is well deserving achievement. 2018 Summer of SpiesA fast, fun expedition into espionage I liked the fact that Christie allowed her main characters to age and change a bit As is true for most of us, they retained their basic characteristics which turned them into spy hunters to begin with, but they are dealing with details that afflict us all as we age Younger folk including the Beresford children no longer see our relevance and no one wants the skills that we have on offer just ask anyone who is over 40 and unemployed and they will tell you all about it Tommy must have a thick skull, because he once again gets clonked on the head in this novel, but manages to come out of things un addled The plot is not as smooth as Christie s murder mysteries, but it is fun to see Tuppence trying to pretend to be a middle aged lady who knits gossips Tommy at least gets to go out and play golf.I m currently reading a biography of Ian Fleming and I m at the point of reading about his experiences in WWI in the Royal Navy s Intelligence Unit although this TT caper seems a bit outlandish, it s not that far off of some of the imaginative schemes that NID came up with to try to thwart the Nazis, which surprised me a lot All of the global intelligence services have come a long way since the 1940s.A bit of summer fun. A highly enjoyable spy thriller set during the outbreak of World War Two, the now middle aged Tommy and Tuppence are soon thrust into action.I much prefer Christie s puzzle box mysteries, but there s something about the Beresford s that instantly appeal.I like how they have aged to reflect the 1940 s setting.My favourite of Christie s thrillers. As light reading betweendemanding literary works, Agatha Christie never fails Although Tommy and Tuppence were always my least favourite sleuths of Agatha Christie s, the detective formula largely follows the same formulas as in the Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple stories.This one has a bit of Fawlty Towers about it It s on the eve of World War II, and T T go sleuthing in a sleepy seaside boarding house There they meet the usual suspects a retired major, a strange foreign woman, a dimwitted elderly woman and her hypochondriac husband, a seemingly devoted mother and her child, a suspicious young German, etc Will T be able to unravel the spies of the fifth column before Hitler invades Britain, or will they be found out Although the hotel boasts of no Basil Fawlty, the story is like a comedy of manners here and there, with some delightful phrases and characterizations The hypochondriac coughs aggressively, the little child goes into ecstasies of mirth, the imbecile wife murmurs pacifically and so on It got a bit soppy toward the end and was, in essence, predictably unpredictable My tattered copy is a testament to the days when I first began my English book collection, searching the dusty bookshelves in second hand shops up and down Charing Cross Road I first read this book back then but remember not a single thing So, less demanding may also mean less rewarding, but there s something to be said for a bit of brain candy before and aftertaxing reading experiences Dostoevsky, here I come This novel sees the detective duo of Tommy and Tuppence in the midst of World War 2 N and M are the initials given to two of Hitler s agents whom Tommy and Tuppence hunt for A character in the novel Major Bletchley is a former Indian army officer who claims to know the secrets of Britain s wartime efforts During World War 2, the code breakers at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire under Dilly Knox had broken German Enigma machine cyphers giving British military to Germany s secret plans Knox was a friend of Agatha Christie and MI5 was anxious to know how much Christie really knew about the Bletchley park operations Knox invited her to his home and over tea asked her why she had named the Indian army major Bletchley Christie said that once on her way from Oxford to London her train had been stuck for a long time at Bletchley and she took her revenge by naming the character Bletchley Charming and engrossing novel, with many twists and turns. This fantastic mystery kept me guessing till the very end I never did figure out one of the suspects before the big reveal The narrator, James Warwick, did a marvelous job, doing various voices and accents including a toddler s murmurings and another character s stammering which, I suppose, shouldn t come as a surprise since he s a television and movie actor often working on Agatha Christie stories, by the way The leads, Tommy and Tuppence, were funny, clever, and very entertaining I hope to read or listen to another of their adventures soon.The only drawbacks about this book, for me, are the profanity and expletives used.Content murder, alcoholI was not compensated for my honest review. A pretty good Christie novel It s a quick read I finished it in one afternoon and pretty fun, especially around the end Not her best work, though. The Final Words Of The Dying Manthe Code Names Of Hitler S Most Dangerous Agentsthe Mysterious Clue That Sends Tommy And Tuppence To A Seaside Resort On A Mission Of Wartime Intelligence But Not As Husband And Wife As Strangers, Meeting By Chance, Setting An Elaborate Trap For An Elusive Killer That plot summary doesn t even bear a passing resemblance to this book Whoever wrote it should be fired Also, the cover of my edition is insane I get the shoelace, the hammer and the note wound around the rock, but the vaguely racist imagine of a Native American in full headdress holding a shot gun I can literally remember NO references to either of those The book itself wasn t Christie s worst, but it was far from her best I mean, it wasn t a Passenger to Frankfurt The Big Fourlevel disaster, but it also wasn t that great The first third was boring it did pick up after a bit, and the ending was pretty good I figured out the spy at about the 55% mark view spoiler well, one of the spies, anyway I missed the second spy It was pretty obvious that it was Mrs Sprot hide spoiler

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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