Rasetsu, Vol. 9

Rasetsu, Vol. 9 Reads R To L Japanese Style , For Audiences T When The Evil Spirit Shows Up On Rasetsu S Birthday As Promised, Rasetsu And Her Friends Engage In A Final Showdown Against It Will Rasetsu Be Able To Defeat Her Demon And Live Or Will This Birthday Be Her Last


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  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Rasetsu, Vol. 9
  • Chika Shiomi
  • English
  • 12 March 2019
  • 9781421539805

10 thoughts on “Rasetsu, Vol. 9

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    The end of the series Rather sad, but in a bittersweet way, not a crushing, can t believe the authors did that way like Tokyo Babylon Still, I was a bit bummed The author mentioned that she had originally had a darker story and deaths, but the editor talked her out of it, so I guess I m glad about that.

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    Such a bittersweet ending This series was so well written Love it Age Group Young Adult Angsty A dash Romance Scale Good balance as the romance is placed at the right moments and it is not overtaking the story Graphics Black and white Setting of Story City limits, agency, and homes

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    This was an amazing series It was well written and poetic in ways I love all the surprises and character development It was sad at times But it had a beautiful ending.

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    Oh man, I never thought I would cry again over a book and even , over a manga Brings me back to college years and VCDs and book rentals.Onionsso many onions everywhere Things got pretty deep and suddenly all these life question twists in the end too.

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    Hooked me hard Held me to the end Definitely going in my list of favorite manga series.

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    Another good volume.

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    I am a little annoyed about how the climax is Kuryu, not Rasetsu also I continue to be amazed at how apparently Shiomi is incapable of not making the competition interesting than the romantic lead Seriously, in Yurara, Yako is fascinating I totally understand why all the readers wanted a sequel about him Then, in Rasetsu, he is dull The reveal about the demon s demonic plan was nice Rasetsu s awesome qualities are told than shown, but I am easy, I want cool girls, and Shiomi provides one.The art is really good Shiomi reminds me of Yuu Watase a really competent, really commercial artist who might just be good enough and smooth enough to break out big She doesn t quite have Watase s vitalizing oddness, but of her personality shows up in Rasetsu than Yurara, so maybe she ll get there.

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    The largest part of the volume is naturally the fight against the evil spirit which isn t so much a fight as an exploration of the various characters hearts and decisiveness and hope and love to stand strong against the darkness Chiomi does this in a lovely dramatic way, though, so it s great to read Kuryu is redeemed but because his situation is as it is he can only watch over the friends and Rasetsu While Rasetsu and Yako do become a couple, the focus here is clearly on saying goodbye to Kuryu in a meaningful way It works, but then there s not enough space left to really celebrate Yako and Rasetsu s new strength, so that was disappointing.

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    I had mixed feelings about the end of this series I sort of liked it, sort of hated it It felt somewhat satisfactory, but rather anti climactic overall I think there could have been between her and the dark spirit coming to claim her, because it seemed to wrap up way too easily That being said, I still felt like the characters received the endings that they all deserved, so I was happy to see their stories complete.

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    I love you Truly With all my heart And I m sorry it turned out like this I ll remember you always You re part of me forever and ever And every person who ll cross my path, and taking parts of me will take those parts of you too And remember you And include you in Lethe s long sway of remembrances.

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